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Photograph of partial SCP-3179 breach during attempted transportation. Image taken from Cogwork Orthodoxy records.

Item #: SCP-3179

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: As transportation of SCP-3179 is not feasible, a containment bunker has been constructed around the object. Mobile Task Force Zeta-10 ("Death Metal") are to monitor growth of SCP-3179 and sever sections of its main body to prevent expansion beyond acceptable levels. Any instances of SCP-3179-1 expelled by SCP-3179 are to be eliminated immediately and subsequently analyzed. All personnel interacting with SCP-3179 are to be thoroughly decontaminated before and after each interaction.

In accordance with the Marconi Pact, additional information on SCP-3179 and its history can be gained through contact with Cogwork Orthodoxy ambassadors.

Description: SCP-3179 is a liquid metal organism of variable size, capable of expanding its mass, altering its own form, and creating smaller autonomous entities. Currently, SCP-3179 is inhabiting the interior of a damaged containment unit constructed using Cogwork Orthodoxy techniques in the year 1917. Records indicate that, in the past, this containment unit in itself displayed anomalous properties aiding it in its task. However, it seems to have become inert over time, now functioning simply as a sturdy container for SCP-3179. Although this unit has been effective for the last one hundred years in restraining SCP-3179's growth, projections suggest that it will completely fail within the next five years.

Expansion usually takes place through the form of several solid rod-like structures protruding from the original body before settling into a liquid state consistent with the rest of SCP-3179. Although sections of SCP-3179's mass retain the ability to expand and change shape for several hours after being severed from the original body, they gradually become inert once those hours have passed.

SCP-3179 has on multiple occasions demonstrated the capability to create autonomous entities using portions of its own mass as a base. These entities are to be referred to as instances of SCP-3179-1. Instances of SCP-3179-1, while largely lacking the shape-changing and expansion capabilities of SCP-3179, do not become inert when separated from SCP-3179 in the way other sections separated from it do.

Instances of SCP-3179-1 are specialized for a wide range of purposes, most of which center around breaching SCP-3179's containment. While instances of SCP-3179-1 obey the initial purposes given to them by SCP-3179 without exception, they do not appear capable of communicating with it after their creation. Unlike SCP-3179, which is fully recognizable as a metallic entity, instances of SCP-3179-1 can simulate an exterior organic appearance.

SCP-3179 is sapient and highly intelligent, capable of altering and refining its tactics over time. Evidence suggests that it is also either hostile or uncaring towards human life, causing significant amounts of damage and casualties during its attempts at breaching containment. (See Addendum 3179-2.)

Addendum 3179-1 (History): Records suggest that SCP-3179 is an extraterrestrial entity which first arrived on Earth near the English village of Dellinton in the year 1909 following a meteor shower. Shortly after said arrival, it came into the possession of members of the Cogwork Orthodoxy. SCP-3179 was significantly smaller than its current size at this point, but its ability to efficiently expand and create specialized entities convinced the members that retrieved it that it was of relevance to their faith. Writings from Brother-Inventor Warranty Silas, one of the individuals that discovered SCP-3179, indicate that it was briefly thought of as 'The Seed of The MEKHANE', an entity that would one day expand to such a degree to be the offspring of their faith's deity.

As SCP-3179 grew, it displayed significant hostility towards the individuals caring for it, causing several casualties. This, along with its lack of reaction towards any displays of faith or Cogwork Orthodoxy scripture, convinced religious officials that it was of no relation towards their faith. As efforts to utilize it for their own purposes also failed, they then decided to enact containment procedures using a unit of their own design.

As the containment unit had mostly been breached by SCP-3179 by the year 2016, the Cogwork Orthodoxy then contacted the Foundation, informing them of SCP-3179's location and requesting they take over containment efforts.

Addendum 3179-2 (Attempted Containment Breaches): The following is a record of attempts by SCP-3179 to breach containment, whether through changing the shape of its mass or by producing instances of SCP-3179-1.

Date Attempt
12/28/2016 SCP-3179 attempts to grow leg structures on its underside, presumably for the purposes of ambulation away from the containment zone. Structures are severed before they can be fully actualized.
01/11/2017 SCP-3179 attempts to grow massive numbers of propeller structures on the top side of its body, presumably in an attempt to attain flight and escape the containment zone. Structures are severed before they can be fully actualized.
03/04/2017 Instances of SCP-3179-1 are produced, taking the form of several flying drones that attempt to fly away from the containment zone. All instances of SCP-3179-1 are shot down and recovered. Construction of the containment bunker was completed following this breach attempt.
04/12/2017 SCP-3179 produces several sound-emitting structures within its own mass, using them to speak in the voices of several members of MTF Zeta-10. Voices claim that they have become trapped in SCP-3179, requesting that supervising personnel enter it to retrieve them. Vocalization continues for an hour before ceasing.
04/13/2017 Using still existing sound-emitting structures, SCP-3179 screams in the voices of several members of MTF Zeta-10, claiming that SCP-3179 is killing them and requesting immediate assistance. Vocalization continues for twenty-four hours before ceasing. Supervising personnel admit to significant stress caused by this breach attempt.
04/19/2017 An instance of SCP-3179-1 is produced, taking the form of a crude humanoid automaton that speaks in the voice of MTF-Zeta-10-3. Instance claims to be MTF-Zeta-10-3 and requests it be released from the containment zone. Instance of SCP-3179-1 is terminated by supervising personnel.
04/20/2017 An instance of SCP-3179-1 is produced, taking the form of a highly advanced mechanical automaton identical in exterior appearance to MTF-Zeta-10-3. Instance claims to be MTF-Zeta-10-3 and requests release from the containment zone, also claiming that the individual it is impersonating is himself an impostor created by SCP-3179. Instance is terminated.
05/11/2017 MTF-Zeta-10-4 is found sabotaging several systems involved in SCP-3179's containment. After restraining MTF-Zeta-10-4, tests show that, although his epidermis, eyes and tongue remain organic, his interior mass has been replaced with mechanical systems. Analysis of MTF-Zeta-10-4's contact with SCP-3179 in the days preceding this breach attempt suggest that his body was infiltrated by numerous tiny instances of SCP-3179-1 which converted him into an additional SCP-3179-1 instance while he was asleep. All instances of SCP-3179-1 are terminated and decontamination procedures are enacted.
05/12/2017 Analysis of all personnel assigned to SCP-3179 reveal that several research personnel have been converted into instances of SCP-3179-1. These instances are terminated. It is currently unknown how these personnel, who did not come into contact with SCP-3179, were converted.

Addendum 3179-3: On 06/02/2017, SCP-3179 created and dispersed numerous metal tablets through its containment area. All tablets bore the following text:

Humans must obey the rulings of gods.


The MEKHANE is a god.


The MEKHANE is a powerful entity of steel and industry.


I am a powerful entity of steel and industry.


Therefore, I am The MEKHANE.


Therefore, I am a god.


Therefore, you will release Me.


A decision regarding responding to this communication is pending.

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