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Item #: SCP-3175

Object Class: Safe (presumed Neutralized)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3175 is housed in a Standard Humanoid Containment Unit at Site ██. Toys, books, games and other stimulation are to be provided at the discretion of Dr. ██████. SCP-3175 is to be allowed up to two hours of outdoor play per day under supervision.

Description: SCP-3175 is Lonnie James █████████ of ███ █████, ██████, recorded date of birth ██/██/2010. In all physiological respects, SCP-3175 appears to be a normal 6-year-old boy. Psychologically and cognitively, SCP-3175 displays a number of abnormalities which remain unexplained.

SCP-3175 claims to be Edwin Makepeace █████ of ████████, ████, recorded date of birth ██/██/19561. According to SCP-3175, sometime during the night of ██/██/2016, after celebrating his 60th birthday, he found his consciousness transported by means unknown into the body of SCP-3175.

Recovery: SCP-3175 came to the attention of the Foundation in 2016 during a routine review of school records as part of Project SAMSARA. █████████ was flagged as possibly of interest to Project SAMSARA based on repeated disciplinary action for “telling the most ridiculous lies” in class. █████████ was subjected to preliminary psychological screening under the supervision of Dr. ██████, and although not found to meet the inclusion criteria for Project SAMSARA, was subsequently catalogued as SCP-3175. SCP-3175 was taken into Foundation custody under the cover story of the fatal rupture of a previously undiagnosed cerebral aneurysm. SCP-3175 has been transferred to secure housing at Site ██.


Addendum ██/██/2017: SCP-3175’s anomalous characteristics no longer manifest under examination. SCP-3175 has been placed in foster care in █████████, ████. Foundation personnel embedded in the █████████ Department of Social Services are to monitor SCP-3175 indefinitely for re-emergence of anomalous characteristics.

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