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SCP-3174 after initial cleaning

Item #: SCP-3174

Object Class: Safe Euclid Safe

Special Containment Procedures: When not in use, SCP-3174 must be locked inside a standard locker in secure storage. After the events of Incident 3174-A, SCP-3174 must be contained within a single locker in a sealed room in complete darkness. Under no circumstances are researchers with children permitted to handle SCP-3174.

Description: SCP-3174 is a handmade doll, 30 centimeters in height and dressed in a red vest that covers most of its body. It is mainly composed of simple black and red cloth. Two white buttons are stitched to the item's face. When in its active state, SCP-3174 is able to produce muffled sounds. Although largely unintelligible, extensive vocal analysis has shown these noises are attempts at speaking German. SCP-3174's inability to enunciate is likely a result of it not having a mouth. It is also able to move on its own: it has displayed strength superior to a human in the past, as well as a maximum running speed of 50 Km/h. SCP-3174 has also displayed some additional, small-scale anomalous properties during interaction with parents and children, the extent of which are still under investigation.

SCP-3174's anomalous properties activate when a human child (ranging from age 3 to 12) and a subject the child identifies as a parental figure enter within a 10 meter radius of SCP-3174. The item will animate, and normally attempts to interact with the younger subject through noises and gestures. It has been shown to engage in anything from simple games of catch, to more complex "pretend games" such as playing 'doctor,' 'cops and robbers', and other occupational make-believe games. The item will always prompt the adult to join the games as well, harshly reprimanding the adult if they refuse. In cases of neglectful behavior, the item will focus its attention on the adult with various degrees of aggression, prompting them to spend more time with the child, or to take part in games and other activities. In severe cases, the item has violently attacked the adults, making loud attempts at vocalizing "bad parent" in German while flailing its limbs at them, often resulting in minor abrasions. In extreme cases of neglectful and/or abusive behavior, the item directly attacks the adult without any warning, attempting to climb them to hit them on the head with considerable brute force, often causing major wounds. In these cases, the adults were known for violent and/or abusive behavior.

Recovery: SCP-3174 was retrieved near the city of ██████, in Bavaria, Germany. The item came to the Foundation's attention after numerous reports from tourists visiting the decommissioned mines of ████ encountering SCP-3174. Operatives were sent to investigate, and located SCP-3174 in an isolated tunnel near a crumbled wall in its inactive state. SCP-3174 was contained without incident, and all involved civilians were treated with Class-B amnestics and released. The mines of ████ have been closed to the public and placed under Foundation authority.

Addendum 3174-A-01: After extensive investigation into the ████ mines, Foundation agents found twelve skeletons, ranging from 6 to 12 years old, in a sealed off section of the mine. Radiocarbon dating dates these remains to approximately 1720. The remains were huddled together against the wall, suggesting they died of suffocation or starvation due to a cave-in. The remains have been stored for further analysis on site.

Incident 3174-A: On ██/█/2008, SCP-3174 broke containment. Due to the containment procedures at the time, no one noticed until the breach had already occurred. SCP-3174 managed to sneak into Dr. Corvino's office and kidnap him, physically dragging him out of the site without encountering any resistance due to the suddenness of the escape. Dr. Corvino contacted Foundation personnel after 2 hours and 45 minutes, as SCP-3174 had brought Dr. Corvino back to his home, where his daughter (age 8) was having a birthday party. SCP-3174 forced Dr. Corvino to take part in the celebration, and then proceeded to entertain all children present with a game of hide and seek until Foundation personnel came to retrieve it without further incident. All civilians involved were given class-B amnestic and released. A small silver token engraved with "anwesend sein" ("Be present" in German) was found in Dr. Corvino's pocket. The badge does not show any anomalous properties, and has been stored for further testing. After the incident, Dr. Corvino requested to be transferred to a less time-consuming role; request is pending.

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