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A photograph of the inside of SCP-3173

Item #: SCP-3173

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Civilians should not be allowed on the island of SCP-3173. In a 2km radius around the island, civilian boats are to be redirected under the guise of a warning of jagged rocks directly under the water’s surface. An agreement with the United Nations and Russian government has been reached to block satellite footage and the airspace over the island.

The island is to patrolled by no less than 65 armed personnel, who must not approach the 4-meter concrete wall around the forest. The personnel must regularly undergo psychological screening to ensure they have no intentions of attempting to enter SCP-3173. Cameras are lined every 110-meters and are to be constantly monitored. The singular gate on the wall is welded shut, and to never be opened.

No exploration attempts are allowed, and no living object is to be passed through the barrier. Birds that might fly nearby are to be killed before reaching the barrier, and no fauna are to be allowed on the island. If any living objects enter the barrier, they are to be shot and killed instantly. Civilians that see the island or approach the forest are to be given Class-C amnestics, and redirected.

Description: SCP-3173 is a 4 km x 4 km rainforest on a small island off the north shore of Russia, comprised of flora that do not match any known species, encased by a wholly transparent intangible barrier that extends up for about 400 meters, and is an inch thick. A thick fog is present in the forest due to an unusually high humidity and heat, and the fact that gaseous matter cannot move through the barrier, despite solid and liquid matter moving through with no resistance. In addition to the separate gaseous atmospheres, heat does not transfer through the barrier, causing a drastic difference in temperature inside and outside the forest; the inside averaging 39 degrees celsius and the outside averaging negative 11 degrees celsius. The internal atmosphere seems to blend with the outside one at the top of the 400-meter barrier in a gradient fashion.

SCP-3173 appeared suddenly on 10/12/20██, causing most of the island to be instantly terraformed into the forest it is now. The few inhabitants of the island were never found. The Russian government notified the Foundation a few hours later after a boat attempting to return to the island called the local police. Class-A amnestics were given to anyone who lived on the island, or had relatives there, and Class-B were given to the police who responded to the call.

The attached files require Level-4 security clearance to be opened. Anyone found to have read these files bypassing proper authority checks will be terminated.

Exploration Log One

Post Exploration Interviews

Second Exploration and Interviews

Dr. Nelson’s Breach

January 15th Incident

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