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Item #: SCP-3172

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The area containing SCP-3172 is to be concealed behind an erected two meter tall concrete wall, which is to be patrolled by security personnel regularly. Any individuals attempting to gain access to SCP-3172 are to be apprehended, interviewed and administered amnestics as appropriate.

Any satellite imagery of SCP-3172 is to be altered to remove evidence of its anomalous properties.

Description: SCP-3172 is a field on the outskirts of Los Angeles which, every one to two three to four months, displays rapid growth and death of numerous types of flowers, forming images and words. Evidence suggests that SCP-3172 is currently inhabited by multiple human consciousnesses which are able to use these flowers as a form of communication with the outside world.

Images formed by SCP-3172 usually take the form of faces of prominent celebrity actors. Testimony from long-term interviewing of SCP-3172 indicate that the consciousnesses inhabiting it are, or believe themselves to be, these individuals. However, all known individuals displayed by SCP-3172 have been confirmed to be alive and active, with no knowledge of SCP-3172. (See Interview 3172-2.)

The consciousnesses inhabiting SCP-3172 are cognizant of all events that occur in it, and testimony indicates that this is based on an anomalous sense unrelated to sight or hearing. When questioned, SCP-3172 have been unable to adequately describe how they perceive events occurring in SCP-3172, claiming that they simply 'know' what is occurring.

Records suggest that, prior to containment, SCP-3172 and the land surrounding it were the property of GoI-1783 ("Westhead Media").

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