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Three SCP-3169-1 instances.

Item #: SCP-3169

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3169 is to be kept in a small refrigerated unit. Use of SCP-3169-1 instances for research purposes is restricted to personnel of Level-2 security clearance or higher.

Description: SCP-3169 designates six sealed foil bags, marked with the words 'Unsalted Pistachios'. Each bag contains 24 unshelled and roasted pistachio nuts, henceforth designated SCP-3169-1. SCP-3169 instances do not list ingredients or nutritional information.

Upon SCP-3169 being opened, SCP-3169-1 instances will metamorphose into live Oncorhynchus mykiss1 and Cyprinus carpio2 specimens over the space of two to four seconds, causing the bag to violently rupture.

Metamorphosed SCP-3169-1 instances are non-anomalous, barring the fins, which are typically four times larger than those of an average member of their species.

Addendum 3169.01: Recovery

SCP-3169 was discovered in 'OneSpot', a small, family-run convenience store located in ███, UK, after online recordings indicated that an extranormal event had occurred. After receiving heavy circulation through various social media websites, Foundation disinformation campaigns were initiated with the intent to pass the footage off as a hoax.

In total, six SCP-3169 instances were recovered from the scene. All eyewitnesses were administered Class-C amnestics.

Addendum 3169.02: GoI Connections

Foundation web-crawlers supervising all major social communication platforms for GoI-related activity discovered chat logs indicating the source of the incident to be 17 year-old Lewis Reeves.

Reeves is an active member of GoI 'Gamers Against Weed', and has engaged in numerous conversations under the online alias 'smoka-cola'.

Addendum 3169.03: Incident 3169/01

The corpse of Lewis Reeves was discovered on 8/24/2017 after police reports suggested the presence of anomalous activity. The epidermis of Reeves' chest and lower back had been hardened, with tissue sampling suggesting equivalent strength to that of concrete.

Autopsy revealed the cause of death to be large deposits of sand and various other minerals forming within Reeve's vital organs. A search warrant on Reeves' home has been submitted in hopes of potentially recovering and containing anomalous objects.

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