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Item #: SCP-3165

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3165 is to be contained in a standard humanoid containment chamber. Toilet must be replaced with a grated drain for waste removal. Additional furnishings are to include several extra cushions and one 1.5m x 1.5m 5kg weighted blanket. Containment chamber should be cleaned daily.

During interviews, one female researcher fluent in American Sign Language may enter SCP-3165's containment chamber accompanied by no less than one guard armed with a tranquilizer gun. Acceptable tranquilizers include ketamine (no more than 100mg) and diazepam (no more than 40mg). Although SCP-3165 is generally docile, personnel are highly encouraged to wear body armor over unprotected limbs. One closed-circuited camera must consistently monitor SCP-3165 for any destructive behavior, notably to itself.

SCP-3165 must be fed twice daily with meals consisting of 2kg of protein (bovine, mutton, or poultry) and .8kg of root vegetables. 40mg of oxycodone should be provided with each meal to aid chronic muscular and joint pain. Physical therapy sessions should be carried out routinely once a week.

As of 12/07/20██, one hour long language development lessons for American Sign Language and English are to be provided daily, and two hour long reading lessons are to be provided twice a week. Interaction with personnel is to be provided upon request, as well as recreational activities suitable for kindergarten-age children. Physical contact within reason is to be granted.

Description: SCP-3165 is a humanoid female between the ages of 14 and 18 with severe malformation in its hands, feet, and face. It lacks body hair and its skin is devoid of pigmentation. At its full height, SCP-3165 stands at 2.13m and weighs 60kg. SCP-3165 favors a quadruped stance, as standing with a straight posture appears to cause it pain.

The right half of SCP-3165's face is obstructed by its upper and lower mandibles, which resemble that of Canis lupus. The muscles securing these mandibles to the skull wrap over SCP-3165's cranium and anchor under the occipital bone. Despite this placement of musculature, SCP-3165 possesses a bite strength of 1250 PSI, slightly above that of Ursus arctos. SCP-3165's upper mandible lacks a nose, instead giving way to a soft "crater" where the nasal cavity has fleshed over. The area that typically forms a mouth in humans is not present in SCP-3165. The protusion of SCP-3165's mandibles has prevented the formation of the right orbital lobe and eye, and has disfigured the upper nasal cartilage, causing the nose to become bent and stretched; SCP-3165's left cornea is milky white, suggesting late-stage cataracts.

SCP-3165's vocal cords are covered in excess skin tissue, rendering it incapable of producing human vocalizations. Therefore, SCP-3165's primary form of communication consists of fractured sign language and guttural vocalizations. (See Video Interview Log 009)

The metatarsals of SCP-3165's feet are extended, allowing it to walk in a fashion similar to that of a digitigrade animal with a running speed of 38 kph. The phalanges of its hands are twice the length of an average adult human's, with fingernails three times more durable and possessing narrowed ends for clawing and scratching.

Samples of DNA taken from SCP-3165 show that SCP-3165's genetic composition consists of 97.3% Homo sapiens, 2.1% Canis lupus, and 0.6% [REDACTED].1

Interaction between Foundation personnel and SCP-3165 has shown that SCP-3165 has a high preference for communicating directly with female personnel, and interactions with male personnel are frequently met with hostility. SCP-3165 demonstrates a desire for physical contact with female personnel, and will grasp at them in a wild manner. Physical contact with SCP-3165 is encouraged if a guard is present.

Recovery: SCP-3165 was recovered on █/█/19██ after the amateur paranormal investigator group "█████" discovered its existence in the ruins of █████, Ukraine. Local authorities were contacted but unable to efficiently contain SCP-3165, notifying the Foundation of SCP-3165. During recovery, SCP-3165 attacked Foundation personnel until 120mg of ketamine was forcefully administered, leaving █ injured with █ casualties. Civilians involved in the incident prior to recovery were administered Class-B amnestics. To date, no other instances of SCP-3165 have been recovered.2

Prior to recovery, SCP-3165 was found wearing soiled cotton underwear and a pink thermal. Testing has revealed that dried spots of blood caking the clothing are from 17 different sources; all sources are individuals who were reported as missing from 19██-19██ around the location of SCP-3165's recovery. A biopsy of SCP-3165 shows that it relied heavily on human beings as its primary food source, but was unable to gather sufficient nutrition from this diet.

Less than 100m away, Foundation personnel discovered a cave that SCP-3165 utilized for shelter. Several objects hoarded by SCP-3165 have been recovered, none of which possess anomalous properties. These items include twelve pieces of stainless steel jewelry, including a locket which contains the image of a young blonde woman, who has since been identified as Elizabeth ██████. She was reported missing in 19██ after a visit to Ukraine with her partner; both individuals are presumed to have been killed by SCP-3165. Additional discoveries include a face that has been separated from the head, peeled up by the dermis. Rough cuts have been made around the eye sockets and oral cavity, suggesting the use of the skin as a mask.

Addendum-1: On 09/09/20██, a Foundation-cleared child psychologist assessed SCP-3165's mental capacity and determined that it is able to understand at least two hundred words of the English language. SCP-3165 also possesses the developmental reasoning and behaviors of a roughly six to seven-year-old human being, including a desire for physical contact. Researchers communicating with SCP-3165 have been advised accordingly to use simple language.

Addendum-2: To date, SCP-3165 has made the following requests:

  • A weighted blanket to simulate human comfort (approved)
  • Jewelry (approved), limited to plastic jewelry.
  • A female companion to remain in its containment chamber at all times (denied)
  • A synthetic wig (denied)
  • Drawing utensils (approved), crayons provided for additional communication in further testing.
  • Non-toxic makeup (approved) and assistance in applying it from Foundation personnel (pending approval)
  • Books and reading lessons (approved)
  • Indoor roaming privileges (denied)
  • Physical recreation (approved), access allowed to Foundation gymnasium when accompanied by two guards and an assigned physical therapist, due to the abnormalities of SCP-3165's physique.


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