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Item #: SCP-3164

Object Class: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3164 is currently maintained as private property by a Foundation shell company. Routine checks are performed by local operatives to ensure no individuals remain on the island after sundown.

Description: SCP-3164 is a 20th-century manor-style complex on a formerly private island in the Hebrides. SCP-3164's anomalous effects are triggered whenever one or more individuals resides overnight within the complex. As of 10/03/2017, SCP-3164's anomalous effects are no longer active.

SCP-3164 entering an active state will usually be indicated by the anomalous formation of large, dark thunderclouds and generally poor weather, preventing entry to or egress from the island for the duration of its active phase. All individuals residing in the complex will begin to act in a manner consistent with stock characters of the horror genre: this includes a “murderer” character, who will stalk and individually kill each remaining character until they are the only one remaining, which terminates the active state. Depending on the number of individuals on the island and the characters they represent, active states can last anywhere from four hours to eighteen days.

Notably, individuals terminated during an SCP-3164 active state will remanifest in one of the complex’s guest bedrooms the morning following full completion of the active state, with restored free will and full memory of all events that transpired. A small card on the individual’s nightstand will read “Beter (sic) luck next time!”: the means by which these cards, or the individuals, remanifest is currently poorly understood. Cadavers generated by a SCP-3164 active state, however, will remain in place, which may cause significant emotional distress to individuals upon their discovery.

Discovery: SCP-3164 is listed in local development records as a Victorian-themed haunted resort and hotel, although no developer name is listed on these records and it was never officially opened to the public. In 2010, a police case involving two tourists reporting their own corpses after sleeping on the premises attracted significant media and Foundation attention; due to the poorly-understood nature of the anomaly, the initial containment team inadvertently triggered an active state while securing the island.

Testing Logs:
The following summarizes multiple attempts by researchers to counteract or bypass SCP-3164's chosen narrative. Given the presumed intent behind the cards delivered to eliminated characters, it is theorized that preventing the elimination of characters, or eliminating the “murderer” character, may lead to further insight into the nature of the anomaly.

To eliminate confusion, test subjects are referred to as their character archetype during testing summaries.

Subjects: Dr. Maria Vanger (“Lover”), Dr. Lamar Elworthy (“Groundskeeper”), MTF Lambda-5 Operative Adam Barnes (“Athlete”), MTF Lambda-5 Operative Michael Cruz (“Murderer”)

Notes: After remaining in the complex after sundown, the initial survey team inadvertently became the first Foundation personnel to trigger an active state: as a result, no formalized testing procedures had been put in place.

Results: All characters initially remain in the dining room for protection. When Lover and Athlete eventually move upstairs to copulate, Murderer stalks and kills Groundskeeper outside the house, and then individually eliminates Athlete and Lover after they investigate noises. All members of the survey team are discovered the next morning in a considerable state of shock, and are placed on short-term leave.

Subjects: D-45038 (“Stranger”), D-57784 (“Murderer”)

Notes: Attempt to discover the consistency of the active state.

Results: Stranger wanders the grounds, where she observes Murderer watching from the windows. After climbing to the attic, she is promptly killed and the active state ends. Framework for active state generally understood.

Subjects: 76 D-Class personnel (list redacted for brevity)

Notes: Attempt to prevent Murderer from dispatching characters individually.

Results: Active state lasts for eighteen days, the longest on record. During this time, each individual character shows extremely poor judgement, such as exploring abandoned buildings and travelling alone to remote parts of the island where they are dispatched by Murderer.

Subjects: D-75296 (“Bride”), D-40231 (“Groom”), D-15380 (“Murderer”)

Notes: Attempt to interrupt active state by airdropping four-man MTF squad onto the island to terminate Murderer.

Results: Due to the poor weather and visibility conditions, two MTF members were lost in the drop and considered KIA. The remaining two immediately adopted character personas upon touching down (“Constable” and “Drunk,” respectively), and were promptly terminated by Murderer. Containment team reprimanded for unnecessary waste of resources and lives.

Subjects: D-99460 (age 8), D-98156 (age 6)

Notes: Denied by Ethics Committee.

Subjects: D-80412, D-37240, D-12660 (“Murderer”?)

Notes: All 3 D-Class personnel had been quadruple-amputated due to prior testing, and had been functioning with the use of heavy prosthetics. MTF Lambda-5 operatives maneuvered the subjects into SCP-3164, removed the prosthetics, and left before sundown.

Results: As subjects were unable to move during the experiment, exact characters unknown. After 5 days D-12660 (presumed to be Murderer) expired from dehydration, triggering the end of the active phase. Since this date, no new active phases have been observed, despite the presence of individuals overnight.

Addendum: On 12/04/2017, approximately one month after the cessation of SCP-3164's active phases, former Head Researcher Oliana Kaiwi received an unmarked wooden crate containing a deerstalker hat buried within approximately two and a half pounds of confetti. A potential connection with SCP-3164 is unclear.

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