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Item #: SCP-3162

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3162-A is to be housed in a secure Site 19 storage locker. When not in use, SCP-3162-A is to remain unplugged and disconnected from all peripherals. SCP-3162-A may be powered on and connected to a mouse and keyboard only for testing by Class-D personnel or researchers with appropriate clearance.

Records of past SCP-3162 entries are to be archived for further study and testing. Under no circumstances are Foundation personnel to use information gleaned from archival SCP-3162 entries to guide or influence their interpersonal relationships.

Description: SCP-3162 is a non-sapient, digital entity housed within SCP-3162-A, a Lenovo M910 desktop computer. Prior to its transfer to Containment, SCP-3162-A was in use in room S19-422, the office of senior researcher Isaac M█████. SCP-3162-A operates as a normal workstation in all respects save for the anomalous effect of SCP-3162.

SCP-3162 is a class-1B cognitohazard, capable of temporarily altering the behavior of humans with whom it is in direct contact. While operating SCP-3162-A, users believe that they are an entity designated as SCP-3162. Those exposed to SCP-3162 feel compelled to write an SCP entry for their own containment, complete with an accurate summary of their own Foundation security protocols, a heavily abridged autobiography focusing on past and present interpersonal relations, and personal commentary. To date, five such documents are known to exist.

No deleterious long-term psychological or physiological effects have been observed in users exposed to SCP-3162. However, there exist anecdotal reports of post-exposure interpersonal conflict between users of SCP-3162-A. A correlation has been noted between past exposure to SCP-3162 and interventional mediation sessions with HR.

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