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Item #: SCP-3159

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Popular media and the internet are to be monitored for references to SCP-3159, with amnestics to be administered as required.

Description: SCP-3159 is a radio signal in the 116-118 MHz range appearing intermittently over the Florida panhandle. Manifestations of SCP-3159 last between 10 and 15 minutes, with 3-7 manifestations appearing each week since discovery in October 1993. Because the transmission frequency of SCP-3159 falls outside the FM radio band, it is relatively rare for commercially available radios to pick it up; when this does occur, listeners usually assume they are listening to a parody or a practical joke.

SCP-3159 features episodes of The Jerry Springer Show. The general format parallels the non-anomalous version of the show, with each episode focusing on relationship problems stemming from immoderate or socially proscribed behavior. Voice spectrography reveals a 99.17% match for Gerald Norman Springer, with the difference of 0.83% consistent with a case of chronic laryngitis affecting the host of SCP-3159 but not Mr. Springer.

Remote sensing has not revealed a physical source for SCP-3159. Notably, no known technology is capable of creating a spatially localized electromagnetic signal without a source that can be detected by means available to the Foundation. It is currently believed that SCP-3159 originates from a parallel universe.

Manifestations of SCP-3159 have included references to "Oprah," "Kim Kardashian," and "Brangelina," indicating that the universe of SCP-3159 shares a number of features with our own. On the other hand, the closing credits of each episode state that the show is filmed in the "North American Confederacy," and off-hand remarks suggest the Confederacy is engaged in the prolonged occupation of a nation known as "The Empire of Greater Mesopotamia."

The low signal strength of SCP-3159 has made triangulation challenging; at present, the location of the transmission can only be localized to a 50km2 region within Okaloosa County, Florida. It is anticipated that within 6-8 years, it will be possible to pinpoint the originating location to within approximately 300m2. This will allow the Foundation to identify the spatial point where the boundary between the two universes is permeable to radio signals; in turn, this will enable the Foundation to either send a message, or install a jammer to ensure that no transmissions from our world get through.

The O5 council has voted several times to pursue the latter course of action. However, opinions on this matter are far from unanimous. Detractors point out that the universe in which SCP-3159 originates appears to possess a number of advanced technologies, with many possibilities for mutually beneficent exchange. Moreover, it has also been suggested that one might form a rather negative opinion of our own universe if the sole source of information about it was The Jerry Springer Show.

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