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Item #: SCP-3158

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Standard exclusionary precautions for medium-size stationary oceanic anomalies apply for SCP-3158. Expungement of SCP-3158 from satellite imagery is unnecessary. Access is denied to all personnel.

Description: SCP-3158 is a tropical island with an area of 4.8km2 located 42 kilometers off the coast of ███████. Subjects present on SCP-3158 will secrete human blood, rather than tears, from their lacrimal glands. This does not result in irritation; rather, the blood adequately fulfills the functions of the tear film, albeit resulting in a red tint to the subject's vision. This effect ceases once the subject leaves SCP-3158.

Affected subjects prefer not to acknowledge this effect, attempting to refocus any such discussion on SCP-3158's natural beauty, calmness, or exoticism. Excreted blood matches the genetic profile of [DATA LOST].

Subjects that observe a 15m x 60m area in the southeastern region of SCP-3158, designated SCP-3158-1, experience intense, painful hunger that does not abate until they leave SCP-3158. Subjects will attempt to consume any material they believe to be edible, save for components of humans they consider to be of similar or higher social status.

No subject has voluntarily discussed this phenomenon, or their actions while under its effect; they instead attempt to refocus any such discussion on SCP-3158's suitability as a travel destination.

Prior to Incident 3158-Alpha, SCP-3158-1 was the site of [DATA LOST]. SCP-3158 came to Foundation attention shortly thereafter, when several soldiers reported SCP-3158's anomalous effects.

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