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Item #: SCP-3151

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-3151 in Foundation custody are to be kept in mass storage at Site-22. Any testing with SCP-3151 must be approved by at least one member of Level 3 personnel.

As part of Operation Ebert, SCP-3151 instances in the territory of Three Portlands are to be located and brought into containment by Mobile Task Force Beta-29 ("Just Say No"), working alongside UIU forces in the area. Any individuals dealing in SCP-3151 are to be interrogated for information regarding SCP-3151 distribution. Medical programs are to be established in Three Portlands to assist individuals who have become addicted to SCP-3151, as well as those who have suffered mental damage as a result of overuse.

Description: SCP-3151 is the collective designation for an as-of-yet unknown number of liquid substances which, when ingested orally, cause the user to experience a compressed and immersive hallucinatory vision of a popular film. Each container of SCP-3151 was found upon recovery bearing a label reading 'Movie in a Bottle - the Next Stage in the Entertainment Vision from Westhead Media' as well as the title of the film it causes a vision of. Thus far, SCP-3151 has primarily been distributed throughout the city of New Portlands through a network of anomalous substance dealers paid through intermediaries by GoI-1783 ("Westhead Media").

Individuals who have ingested SCP-3151 describe the resulting vision as being akin to experiencing the narrative of a popular film through a viewpoint shifting between characters from scene to scene. While this experience is described as lasting for the full run-time of the original film, in reality it only lasts for three to four minutes, during which they are completely still and unresponsive to all stimuli.

This experience is generally described as more immersive than the original film due to the presence of stimuli relevant to all senses, rather than experiencing the film solely through the senses of sight and sound. Emotional reactions to the film immediately following the vision also seem to be heightened — whether this is inherent to the more immersive viewpoint of the viewer or a property specifically engineered into SCP-3151 is currently unknown.

SCP-3151 is highly addictive and evidence suggests this is an intentional aspect of the substance. Observation of SCP-3151 use throughout Three Portlands has also shown that prolonged and frequent use can have an extremely adverse effect on the user's mental state.

As the user ingests more of SCP-3151 and further visions are experienced, they gradually lose their ability to discern between reality and the narrative shown to them in said visions. This condition worsens as the user continues to ingest SCP-3151, escalating to a point where they are unable to differentiate between themselves and one or several characters in their films. If left untreated, this can lead to a complete cognitive breakdown. Amnestic therapy has proven to be effective in repairing damage to a limited degree by erasing memories of the visions provided by SCP-3151.

As of the time of writing, fifty-three variants of SCP-3151 have been found and identified through testing. All known SCP-3151 variants grant visions of films that Westhead Media has had some level of influence over, whether financially or through other means. Known variants of SCP-3151 include:

  • A faintly glowing liquid, bright blue in colouration, that causes visions of the 1982 film Blade Runner (US Theatrical Release). Described as tasting similar to Coca-Cola.
  • A liquid, light green in colouration, that causes visions of the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz. Described as having a texture similar to that of sand.
  • A liquid, dark brown in colouration, that causes visions of the 1998 film The Sundering of God, an adaptation of the Cogwork Orthodoxy creation myth. Described as having a metallic taste.
  • A liquid, red in colouration, that causes visions of the 1974 film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Described as tasting similar to orange juice.
  • A liquid black in colouration. Label reads 'The Opening of Night, TBA'. Test subject displayed behaviour consistent with receiving a vision, but reported no memories of the experience. Described as tasteless.

Addendum 3151-1 (History): The first known incident involving SCP-3151 was on 02/10/18, when several noted anomalous film critics were brought to the Three Portlands Mercy Hospital after being found wandering through the streets, quoting popular films and proving unresponsive to all stimuli. Investigation of these initial victims' residences by UIU agents revealed the presence of several partially-depleted containers of SCP-3151.

Initial containment of SCP-3151 was handled solely by the UIU. However, as the spread of SCP-3151 use throughout Three Portlands became more pronounced, it was agreed that a joint containment effort ("Operation Ebert") between the Foundation and the UIU would be of benefit to both parties. Raids by MTF Beta-29 on the residences of numerous anomalous substance dealers throughout Three Portlands following this agreement resulted in numerous instances of SCP-3151 being brought into containment. This number has increased as Operation Ebert has gone on, and the presence of SCP-3151 in Three Portlands is expected to be removed entirely by the end of 2019.

Attempts to contact Westhead Media in regards to SCP-3151 have been unanswered in the same manner as all communications following their expulsion from the American Anomalous Companies Association.

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