SCP-3148 (A1962)
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Item #: SCP-3148

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3148 is known to be active and propagating outside of Foundation control. SCP-3148-1 instances are to be stored in an isolated containment chamber in Site-19. Digital copies of SCP-3148-1 are to be stored on dedicated hard drives, which are to be placed in the same containment chamber. Access to SCP-3148-1 is restricted to personnel of all clearance and authority, up to and including the O-5 council. Foundation personnel of Clearance Level 4 and below that bear signs of SCP-3148 infection must be terminated from Foundation employ.

Foundation operatives are to be planted in top positions of several national governments to monitor SCP-3148 infection and prevent catastrophic results. SCP-3148-related organizations that do not submit to inspection by Foundation personnel are to be met with armed force and made to release classified documents for inspection. Media thought to be contaminated by SCP-3148 must be quarantined and destroyed as rapidly as possible.

A special investigation board (3148 Containment Committee) is to be established to investigate Level 5 and O5 Personnel for symptoms of SCP-3148 infection. Personnel of these clearance levels that are identified as infected individuals are to be demoted to Level 1 or Level 0. Committee members are to be drawn from a pool of researchers already familiar with SCP-3148, and replaced every 4 years. Members presenting symptoms of SCP-3148 are to be prematurely removed.
The plunge and thump of living things.
Description: SCP-3148 is an infohazardous agent that propagates through visual imagery. It presents itself as a variety of alterations to infected media. SCP-3148 is able to infect physical images through direct contact, or, if present as an electronic copy, by inserting itself into any visual media file sharing the same memory device as itself. Media files that have been altered by SCP-3148 have been designated SCP-3148-1. Approximately 4% of human beings who view SCP-3148 show signs of infohazardous infection. Daily interaction with infected individuals may also cause infection over the course of approximately three months.

In humans, SCP-3148 causes a heightened sense of paranoia and intrusive thoughts relating to the elimination of any serious threats. The SCP-3148 infection will usually culminate in a desire to utilize nuclear weapons the most destructive or dangerous item accessible by the infected individual to neutralize even mid-level threats, rationalized through the need to preemptively eliminate targets. This symptom extends to all contained anomalous items that infected individuals are aware of. Due to the high security level of these items, personnel that are most susceptible to SCP-3148 are often those with access to Keter-class objects, and thus represent the most pressing threat from SCP-3148.
“Kill the pig! Cut his throat!”.
Human beings affected by SCP-3148 are almost exclusively people in positions of authority over at least one other person. Higher levels of authority are correlated to higher SCP-3148 susceptibility, though personnel ranging from minor researchers to Site Directors have been infected in the past. The process by which SCP-3148 determines authority is unknown. Even cursory exposure to SCP-3148 can trigger infection in especially important persons, and the only known method of reversing the symptoms is by stripping infected persons of their positions.
A great clamor rose among the savages.



SCP-3148 originally appeared in footage of nuclear detonations. Foundation records show that almost all instances of original SCP-3148 infection originate from footage of nuclear tests undertaken since 1956. As of 04-06-1962, testing undertaken with Foundation nuclear warheads has produced new SCP-3148-1 instances. Study of the electromagnetic emission profile of the nuclear detonations in question has determined [DATA EXPUNGED].
You have to do it There's no other way.
Addendum 3148-1: Incident 3148-1
On 02-12-1960, an instance of SCP-3148-1 was uploaded to the now defunct SCPNET as part of the documentation of SCP-3148. This resulted in a global containment breach of SCP-3148, and the contamination of several important files in the Foundation Database. The personnel responsible have not been identified due to the ensuing system purge.
The sound of the shell calls to you.
Addendum 3148-2: Incident 3148-2
On 16-10-1962, a massive infection of SCP-3148 among high-authority figures in the military structures of both the USA and USSR was discovered. Thanks to covert Foundation action, a nuclear exchange was successfully averted. Further infections were discovered among Foundation personnel in the following days, resulting in an update to the Special Containment Procedures for SCP-3148.

This thing is a bitch to contain. It naturally seeks out those with power, so anyone we put in place to police it automatically becomes susceptible to it. By the time we notice it from underneath, we have to break the chain of command to get rid of the infection. Kind of makes the whole power structure pointless, doesn't it? I'm hoping the procedures we've put in place keep it under control, but there's not telling how far it's already gone.

-Senior Researcher Gorsanov

Addendum 3148-3: List of 3148 Containment Committee Actions

Below is an updated list of motions carried by the 3148 Containment Committee.

(17-06-2032) : This documentation has been updated. May Krishna greet us kindly.

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