SCP-3148 (A1961)
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Item #: SCP-3148
Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3148 may be active and propagating outside of Foundation control. SCP-3148-1 instances are to be stored in an isolated containment chamber in Site-19. Electronic copies of instances of SCP-3148-1 are to be confined to a designated Foundation memory core, which is to be isolated from SCPNET at all times. Research personnel are allowed access to SCP-3148-1 upon request.

Classified archival footage held by the United States Government, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, and several other organizations is to be searched by Foundation operatives for instances of SCP-3148-1 whenever possible. Media believed to be contaminated by SCP-3148 must be quarantined and destroyed as rapidly as possible.

Description: SCP-3148 is an infohazardous agent that propagates through visual imagery. It presents itself as a variety of alterations to infected media. SCP-3148 is able to infect physical images through direct contact, or, if present as an electronic copy, by inserting itself into any visual media file sharing the same memory device as itself. Media files that have been altered by SCP-3148 have been designated SCP-3148-1.

SCP-3148 originally appeared in footage of nuclear detonations. Foundation records show that almost all instances of original SCP-3148 infection originate from footage of nuclear tests undertaken since 1956. Original SCP-3148 infections are not limited to photographs taken by high-speed cameras, and any photographic devices present at the site of a nuclear weapon test are susceptible to production of SCP-3148-1. Testing undertaken with Foundation nuclear warheads has not produced any instances of SCP-3148-1.

Addendum 3148-1: Incident 3148-1

On 02-12-1960, an instance of SCP-3148 was added to SCPNET as part of the documentation of SCP-3148. This resulted in a global containment breach of SCP-3148, and the contamination of several important files in the SCPNET database. The personnel responsible have not been identified due to the ensuing system purge.

(31-10-1962) : Urgent. This documentation has been updated.
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