Anomalous Item 73-9791
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For Clearance Level 0 and above

Filed Under: Special Containment Procedures

Location: Site-73

Date: 18-03-1958


[Attatched: Photograph developed from an instance of SCP-3148]

Item Description: A set of film negatives taken using a Rapatronic camera at the site of the Operation ██████ nuclear weapons test, administered by the United States of America. The negatives are severely degraded, and appear to have been doubly exposed, displaying unrelated imagery superimposed on the original images. Due to the mode of creation and the highly classified nature of the material, mundane photo-manipulation has been deemed unlikely.

Date of Recovery:02-03-1958

Location of Recovery: UIU Field Headquarters, Baltimore

Current Status: Stored in the visual media wing of Site-73

Note from Researcher Constantine:

This item is so incredibly inane that I take my assignment to it as a personal insult. There is quite honestly no indication that it is anomalous in any way. In fact, it looks like a shoddily done hoax. Then again, hoaxes are precisely what the UIU is best at containing, so perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised.

The only explanation I see is the timing of events. The nuclear detonation on the photographs happened only a few months before we contained them. Could the United States Government be so inept so as to allow these photographs to be defaced like this, such a short time after they were gathered? If so, I fear for the future of this world we are protecting. If not, we may have a legitimate oddity at hand.

I am currently running tests on a sample of SCP-3148, looking for traces of Ziroconium-95 on the surface of the film. If I find it, I’ve determined that the negatives were actually taken at the site of a nuclear test. If that’s the case, and the negative was doubly exposed, there will be some distortion due to the presence of decaying fission products while the film was still light-sensitive. Just looking at them, it looks like this was the case.

My testing should take no more than a few weeks. With any luck, this case will be filed away with the hairy fish before the New Year.

(02-12-1960) : This documentation has been updated.

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