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Item #: SCP-3148

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3148 is to be kept in a dedicated storage locker. This storage locker is to be fitted with a Faraday cage. Access to the files contained within SCP-3148-1 is allowed only through the isolated computer terminal connected directly to SCP-3148-1. Personnel are to be screened for changes in behavior or personality after accessing these files.

Description: SCP-3148 consists of two electronic components, discovered on Yucca Flat, Nevada. SCP-3148-1 is an advanced Solid-State Drive with several times the storage capacity of any known electronic storage device. Its high storage capacity does not appear to be anomalous, but rather a result of advanced manufacturing techniques. SCP-3148-2 appears to be an anomalous energy storage device. SCP-3148-2 does not appear to suffer any losses in charge capacity or increases in internal resistance with time. The components of SCP-3148 were found within 10 meters of each other. No additional components or wreckage were recovered.

SCP-3148-1 holds approximately 300 TB of information, in the form of .txt and .jpg files. These files appear to represent part of an alternate version of the Foundation database. Minor disparities from the known database have been noted, including known anomalous items with different designation numbers and several unknown anomalous items. Files contained in SCP-3148-1 also mention some historical disparities, including:

  • President James Carter of the United States winning the 1980 Presidential Election.
  • The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea collapsing in 1993.
  • The Japanese city of Kokura being destroyed by US nuclear bombing, in place of Nagasaki.
  • The widespread use of advanced computer network systems by 1965

SCP-3148 has been tentatively identified as having originated from an alternate universe. Some of the files found on SCP-3148-1 have suggested the possibility of an active infohazard threat within SCP-3148-1.

Addendum 3148-1: Files Recovered from SCP-3148-1

Below is a list of notable files recovered from SCP-3148-1. All files have been cleared by the Memetics and Infohazards Division. All files appear to represent documentation for the same anomalous object.






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