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Item #: SCP-3147

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: A maximum of 144 instances of SCP-3147 are to be stored in Storage Locker 87A at Site-272. All extraneous instances and advertising materials are to be incinerated. Civilians found in possession of SCP-3147 instances are to be questioned regarding their acquisition and given Class-A amnestics if they have experienced or witnessed the item's anomalous effects. A falsified recall order has been issued, citing the unintended inclusion of a deliriant ingredient.

Experiment proposals must be submitted to research lead Dr. James Smythe for approval. Any experiments involving five or more test subjects must also be approved by the site director and overseen personally by Dr. Smythe.

Description: SCP-3147 is the designation for a brand of lollipops labeled "Dr. Wondertainment's Tantalizing Tongue Twisters™". Each individual instance is comprised of a sphere of hard sugar confection 3cm in diameter mounted on an 8cm long plastic stick and covered by a 5cm x 5cm plastic wrapper emblazoned with the Dr. Wondertainment logo and the instance's flavor. Chemical analysis has not identified any anomalous materials in the confection or packaging.

SCP-3147's anomalous effect is activated when two or more individuals have tasted the same instance within a space of ten minutes. While the effect is active, each affected individual gains the ability to control the oral cavity of another member of the group. Further, whenever one of them attempts to speak, the individual linked to them will speak with the originator's voice rather than their own. The duration of the effect is directly and progressively dependent upon the amount of the instance that is ingested. The current minimum and maximum times observed during testing are two and twenty-four minutes.

Instances of SCP-3147 are typically found packaged to be sold individually or in groups of ten. The multiple-instance packaging contains the following script on the back.


Need a party pick-me-up? Just gather two or three of your bestest friends, pick out your favorite flavor of Dr. Wondertainment's Tantalizing Tongue Twisters™, and you're good to go! Let everyone get a tongue-teasing taste, then marvel as you give each other the gift of gab!

WARNING: Maximum fun achieved with four friends. Dr. Wondertainment™ and his candy-crafting crew are not liable for any damages - physical, psychological, emotional, and/or paranatural - caused by sharing Dr. Wondertainment's Tantalizing Tongue Twisters™ among five or more people.


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