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Item #: SCP-3146

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation agents embedded in the professional gaming community are to make posts on social media during Y-Manifestation events at locations already designated to be “gaming”, “anime” or “comics” conventions, purporting to be the event’s organizers. The overall tone of these posts is to suggest that SCP-3146 has a niche fanbase and is no longer in production as its parent company is defunct. In the event that a Y-Manifestation event has not naturally occurred in a public venue in over six (6) months, embedded Foundation agents are to stage an SCP-3146 tournament in a professional gaming event venue, whether on the official stage or on any improvised surface available.

If a Y-Manifestation event affects political figures without sufficient clearance or allyship to the Foundation, they are to be subjected to surreptitious Class-C amnestic treatment by embedded Foundation agents in federal law enforcement agencies dedicated to protecting political figures.

Description: SCP-3146 is a video game by the name of “Magical Hearts XX: Upgrade Ultimate ~EXTENSION~ DESTROYER Ascend!”. SCP-3146 is found only in Blu-Ray disc format, and is playable only on PlayStation 3 consoles. Discs bearing SCP-3146 have only been found during Y-Manifestation events.

Any public event attended by over 200 individuals carries a chance of triggering a Y-Manifestation event. Y-Manifestation events begin with the evacuation of the event’s venue due to emergency reasons (reasons reported so far have included fire alarms, minor earthquakes, electrical hazards, gas leaks and [REDACTED] containment breach)1. Once the building has been evacuated, a number of PlayStation 3 consoles bearing SCP-3146 materialize in the vicinity of the emergency assembly point, all powered on and connected to a portable battery and a television. For the duration of a Y-Manifestation event, SCP-3146 instances manifest the following anomalous properties2:

  • Subjects attending the event experience a moderate compulsion to play SCP-3146.
  • Subjects attending the event become capable of materializing assets that they own but were not physically carrying, such as money from a bank account.

Subjects affected by SCP-3146 will then organize a double-elimination bracket tournament with an entry fee believed to be directly proportional to the assets available to the average attendee. Once the tournament has run its course, 50% of the money pooled will be awarded to the tournament’s top 8 competitors, then the Y-Manifestation will end with the disappearance of all hardware, including SCP-3146 discs, and the remaining 50% of the pooled money. Subjects affected by the Y-Manifestation event will recall the event as an out-of-the-ordinary but not worrisome “break” from the main event, and regard it as a generally positive time. No attempts from the event's losers to recover the lost money have been recorded once anomalous effects have ended, although altercations have been recorded in at least four instances.

███ Y-Manifestation events have been recorded3, and caused $████████ in damages.

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