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Item #: SCP-3144

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation webcrawlers are to survey forums dedicated to discussion of professional wrestling and delete any discussions related to discrepancy between perception of any given match or other form of media related to professional wrestling. Agents are to then seize the original poster and evaluate them for induction into Foundation Memetics or other departments that require a high Psychic Resistance Score; if the individual is found unfit or rejects employment, they are to be treated with Class-C amnestics.

Description: SCP-3144 is a mind-altering phenomenon affecting professional wrestling in all of its visible forms (live performances, broadcasts and recorded media) as well as all media documenting the lives of professional wrestlers outside their performances (such as biographies, social media accounts, etc). Population susceptible to SCP-3144 consist of those over the average age of 14, with a Psionic Resistance Index of under ██; those naturally resistant to SCP-3144's effect make up approximately 0.█% of the global population untrained against mind-altering phenomena.

SCP-3144 is primarily observed by the discrepancy perceived in wrestling and wrestling-adjacent media between those in the population susceptible to its effect and those immune to SCP-3144. Those affected by SCP-3144 perceive wrestling matches as considerably less violent than those unaffected, assuming most injuries to be staged and real injuries to be unfortunate, occasional accidents; it is also a widely held belief among those affected by SCP-3144 that the victor of a match is predetermined in the service of a given franchise's ongoing storyline. The narrative fabricated by SCP-3144's effect is consistent amongst all affected by its mind-altering effect, and no discrepancy has been recorded between memories or descriptions of wrestling matches and storylines between those affected.

SCP-3144's effect on wrestling-related media manifests a similar discrepancy: those affected by SCP-3144 perceive professional wrestlers as "breaking character" and describing their relationship with their wrestling partners as actors, up to the point of citing longstanding rivalries in a storyline as close friends when not wrestling. Those unaffected by the anomaly will instead perceive no difference between relationships, personalities and motivations of a professional wrestler as demonstrated during a show and in media by or about wrestlers.

Incident Report 3144-1: On March 21, 20██, professional wrestler S███ S██████ was injured after taking a fall from the top of a ladder onto the ring's turnbuckles. Foundation agent U█████, embedded in the ████ wrestling promotion as a paramedic, attempted to perform an impromptu surgery after recognizing signs of lethal injury, but was restrained by the rest of the ████ medical team. S███ expired later that night, with the official cause of death reported as exsanguination from internal puncture damage dealt by rib fragments. Agent U██████ was reprimanded for risking a secrecy breach, and is pending reassignment to another project. Agent U██████'s reprimand and reassignment is currently under review by the Ethics Committee.

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