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Item #: SCP-3142

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All major American financial institutions have been advised to monitor consumer accounts for unexplained fluctuations, with the stated goal of preventing software malfunction. Foundation personnel embedded within the numismatics community are to suppress knowledge of the existence of SCP-3142. Individuals claiming to have experienced incidents consistent with SCP-3142 are to be located and amnesticized immediately; however, due to the detailed knowledge of SCP-3142 required to induce anomalous effects, this has been deemed a low-risk threat.

Access to Document 3142-01 is to be restricted to financially stable Level-3 personnel with registered personal checking accounts at regulated financial institutions. Monetary losses incurred during testing of SCP-3142 will be reimbursed by the Foundation. To reduce expenditure, preferential access to Document 3142-01 is to be given to personnel with countermemetic training.

Description: SCP-3142 is an unused design for a commemorative coin in the denomination of $$i$1 intended for production by the United States Mint in 2001. SCP-3142's technical specifications include a 38.1 mm diameter and a composition of 90% silver to 10% copper, consistent with contemporary $1 US commemorative coins. Further description of SCP-3142, including potential financial infohazards, is available in Document 3142-01.

SCP-3142's anomalous properties manifests when an individual constructs an accurate mental image of SCP-3142. Immediately following visualization, one of the following events will occur:

  • The net balance of one personal checking account registered by the individual will decrease by one US dollar (or foreign equivalent, subject to current exchange rates). All records of this account, digital and otherwise, will instantaneously change to reflect the new balance.
  • If the individual does not maintain a personal checking account, currency within 10 cm of the individual will become altered to reflect a loss of one US dollar. Bills and coins may be instantaneously created, destroyed, or substituted to accomplish this effect. All new or altered money appears indistinguishable from genuine instances of the original type of currency.
  • Individuals without an active checking account or at least one US dollar (or equivalent) within 10 cm will dematerialize for eleven minutes and thirty-nine seconds a period of time inversely proportional to the current legal minimum wage in the individual's present location. In no cases has the duration of the disappearance exceeded the amount of time required to earn $1 under US federal minimum wage.2 Following reappearance, individuals are aware that time has elapsed but unable to remember any details of their experience during the interval.

SCP-3142's anomalous effects manifest repeatedly with each new attempted visualization. No upper limit on the frequency of SCP-3142's effects has been observed to date.

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