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Item #: SCP-3139

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The original tape on which SCP-3139-1 is stored can be found in Containment Locker 017 on the uppermost floor of Site-882. Access to the locker requires Level 2 clearance and written authorization for testing from the site supervisor. SCP-3139, as well as all material produced during testing, must be returned to the locker at the test's conclusion.

Digital copies of SCP-3139-1 can be found in the "SCP-3139" directory on the Site-882 intranet. Viewing requires Level 2 security credentials.

Description: SCP-3139 is an unmarked VHS tape manufactured by "KIPPER MEDIA, INC." sometime in the 1980s. The tape itself is non-anomalous and has no distinctive features, save for minor damage on the corners consistent with exposure to fire. SCP-3139 functions with all standard VCR equipment and can be transferred to digital formats without damaging the contents of the original tape. Attempts to record new footage onto SCP-3139 have invariably failed; new footage is simply ignored when the tape is played back. Digital copies do not trigger SCP-3139's anomalous properties.

SCP-3139-1 refers to the contents of the tape itself, a continuous video approximately 45 minutes in length recorded by handheld camera. The presentation and format of the video suggests it was created for a game show, referred to as "America's Labyrinth". No known records or footage of such a show exist in United States broadcasting records. At the beginning and conclusion of the video, an unnamed "host" appears to provide exposition and explain the nature of the game to the audience. Multiple individuals are heard laughing throughout the tape, suggesting it was either filmed in front of or presented to a live audience.

The exact events in the video differ each time it is viewed, but some constants are present; notably, the appearance of the "host", the structure in which in the individual filming is exploring, and the existence of an unknown humanoid entity, designated SCP-3139-1-A. Throughout the tape, SCP-3139-1-A will stalk and pursue the camera operator (designated SCP-3139-1-B), appearing behind objects in the background or suddenly emerging from behind corners. The identity of SCP-3139-1-B changes each time the tape is viewed and [REDACTED | SEE ADDENDUM II]. Should SCP-3139-1-A physically touch SCP-3139-1-B at any time, the tape will immediately cut to footage of the host speaking to the audience before fading to black. Should SCP-3139-1-B escape the structure, they will appear next to the host in the "studio" and receive a random prize before the tape cuts to black.

Attempts to identify the host or any of the individuals seen in the audience have generally failed (with some exceptions; see Addendum II). The structure depicted in the footage has yet to be located by the Foundation and is speculated to be a construct of the anomaly itself. Individuals tasked with viewing SCP-3139-1 report feelings of unease and paranoia, though this is believed to be due to the nature of the footage and not an anomalous effect. Further research into the nature of SCP-3139-1 is ongoing.

Addendum I: Document 3139.01

Level 2 Clearance Required

Addendum II: Document 3139.02

Level 3 Clearance Required

Addendum III: Document 3139.03

Level 3 Clearance Required

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