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Item #: SCP-3136

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3136 is to be stored within the document tube it was initially found in. The document tube and SCP-3136 are to be locked in a secure, lead lined case. The case may only be unlocked by researchers involved with SCP-3136, or by O5 authorization.

Description: SCP-3136 is a Mercator projection world map1 that measures approximately two meters by three meters in area; it lacks symbols, or identifying marks of any kind. Upon adding any marking inside a body of water, SCP-3136's anomalous property activates. An aquatic organism matching the dimensions of this marking — designated as an instance of SCP-3136-1 — will manifest at the corresponding geographical location of this marking. The instance will manifest proportionally smaller by a factor of ██. The figure's position on the map shifts to reflect the instance's current location. Once this instance dies, the drawing immediately vanishes; until this occurs, all attempts to mark or draw upon the map will fail.

Instances of SCP-3136-1 are aquatic organisms that possess fully functioning organs. When removed from the ocean, these organs immediately fail. These organisms do not have to exist to be created, as SCP-3136 will add suitable organs according to the needs of the instance.

Recovery: On February 18th, 2016, an SCP-3136-1 instance was discovered off the coast of Australia. Prior to this, Foundation web crawlers flagged a video SCP-3136 posted to Facebook by a student at Loyola Marymount University, California. The video showed the anomalous property in which markings disappear from the map paper.

SCP-3136 was recovered from the home of one Dr. Adebagbo, a professor of history and cartography. The link to SCP-3136-1A was discovered due to the lobster symbol moving in tandem with SCP-3136-1A.

Testing Logs:

Artist Artist's Depiction Test Results Containment/Death
Dr. Adebagbo A small black creature comparable to a lobster with 10 legs. Drawn with an antique ink pen 30m jet-black lobster devoid of irregularities. Suffered from total organ failure during transfer to a Foundation secure facility.
Class-C Personnel A small circle with fins and a mouth, drawn in an oceanic net in Foundation Site-1028. The drawing was done with a sharp pencil. Imperfectly spherical creature with seal-like skin, and was 5 meters in diameter. Died of total organ failure 16 days after creation.
Class-C Personnel with artistic experience Researcher had artistic experience and reference pictures of blue whales. Picture appeared to be a perfectly proportional blue whale. Drawn with an outline pen and colored pencils. Blue whale with an exoskeleton composed of chitin. Has massive shape irregularities when compared to a regular blue whale. Harpooned multiple times to see the effect of premature death on SCP-3136-1 instances. After slight vocalizations,SCP-3136-1C died and disappeared from the map. SCP-3136 could not be drawn on afterwards for approximately 11 days.
Class-C Personnel with artistic experience Two near-identical squids, a male and a female. Drawn with dull pencil. Two squids at half the expected size. One complete set of squid organs was evenly distributed between the two instances. Died upon creation due to lack of vital organs.
Class-C Personnel Drawn by a Foundation researcher. Instructed to draw a straight line on SCP-3136 within the containment area. Drawn with a permanent black marker. A 44 meter long eel-like creature with a chitinous shell that rendered it immobile. SCP-3136-1F possessed shape irregularities corresponding to inaccuracies in the Mercator projection. Died of malnourishment within a week due to its inability to eat and lack of Foundation assistance. SCP-3136 could not be drawn on for 7 days afterwards.
Mechanical Arm Whale that conforms to map distortions as calculated by researchers. Drawn with blue crayon. Large whale-like creature, with skin similar in composition to that of a gorilla, and thick blue fur. Displays intelligence and is taught to answer polar questions. Has survived in containment for 2 months. Is to be fed via food dispenser triggered by SCP-3136-1G. Researchers are not to attempt Skinner box experiments upon SCP-3136-G due to aggression. MTF-Theta-7 ("Whale Watchers") are to be armed with specially manufactured tranquilizer darts and are to avoid causing the instance harm in any way.
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