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Item #: SCP-3134

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: As removing SCP-3134 from its current habitat is impractical at this time, containment is instead to focus on keeping it from exiting Zone 29-Job. Containment teams in the area are to maintain their assigned front ('Department of Mine Clearance'), while patrolling said Zone regularly to maintain SCP-3134's containment. Zone 29-Job is currently defined as region near Verdun, France, publicly referred to as 'Zone Rouge'; an area environmentally devastated by combat during World War I.

As tourist activity was present in Zone 29-Job before the existence of SCP-3134 came to light, it is currently not feasible to remove civilian presence from the area. Instead, tourist presence in Zone 29-Job is to be influenced away from areas in the Zone frequented by SCP-3134. Any civilians who do report sightings of SCP-3134 are to be dosed with Class-A amnestics by on-site plainclothes personnel immediately.

Local spiritual clean-up organizations (See Addendum 3134-1) are to be monitored for any activity or communications regarding SCP-3134, and any suspected action on their part is to be neutralized at the first opportunity.

Food appropriate for SCP-3134, as dictated by Nutritional Chart 3134-1, is to be placed periodically within the center of Zone 29-Job in order to influence its movements. Planning and construction for permanent containment of SCP-3134 in an on-site facility is ongoing, and expected to be complete soon.

Description: SCP-3134 is a large mammalian creature of black colouration, weighing 460kg with a standing height of 2m and a length of 2.6m. It appears to have suffered severe injuries in the past, including lacerations, burns and severe bruising throughout its body. SCP-3134 possesses features from a wide number of species, including multiple horns and antlers on its head, growths throughout its body resembling human facial features, and overall morphology similar to that of a bear. Despite these features, DNA analysis has revealed that SCP-3134 is genetically identical to a common rabbit.

Current evidence suggests that SCP-3134 can only survive within the bounds of Zone 29-Job. When removed from Zone 29-Job, SCP-3134 exhibits symptoms consistent with respiratory difficulties, followed by severe seizures and existing burns spreading over its body. These symptoms reverse themselves upon SCP-3134's return to Zone 29-Job. While it is unknown whether these symptoms would result in SCP-3134's death, it has been determined that testing of that nature presents an unacceptable level of risk to further SCP-3134 study.

Observation by on-site personnel has revealed that SCP-3134's diet consists mainly of unexploded shells, grenades and human remains. Although the first of these invariably explode during consumption by SCP-3134, it will quickly regenerate from such injuries.1 While SCP-3134 will not actively seek out humans, it does display severe hostility when it encounters them, often attempting to maul or otherwise attack them. SCP-3134 appears to prefer resting in trenches left from battles within Zone 29-Job.

Despite its animalistic behaviour and aggression, SCP-3134 has been known to display signs of intelligence, primarily through the forms of emotional response to presented media. (See Interview 3134-1)

Interview 3134-1:

On 12/08/2010, analysis of SCP-3134's living area while it was away feeding revealed what appeared to be a collection of photographs, arranged in a loose pile, believed to have been originally left behind by soldiers serving in the area which became Zone 29-Job. As SCP-3134 had not demonstrated such behaviour with any other items in Zone 29-Job2, this was taken as possible evidence that SCP-3134 had higher levels of intelligence than originally believed, as well as a possible connection to the history of Zone 29-Job.

As a test of SCP-3134's intellectual capacity and the nature of its connection to Zone 29-Job, approval was given for an experimental interview to be conducted by the Abnormal Interrogations Department. Through the efforts of MTF-Psi-2 ("The Answer"), SCP-3134 was temporarily restrained in a manner suited for interview3 forest within Zone 29-Job. Interview was conducted via SCP-3134 being presented with several enlarged photographs by Dr McCall to test for emotional response. Although most presented photographs yielded no clear results, the following stimuli resulted in abnormal responses:

Stimuli Response
Photograph of one of the individuals who attempted to enter Zone 29-Job to neutralize SCP-3134. (See Addendum 3134-1) Aggression response. SCP-3134 attempted to attack photograph.
Photograph of a field in the French countryside. Curiosity response. SCP-3134 attempted to sniff and further inspect photograph.
Photograph of a World War I-era combat boot. Fear response. SCP-3134 turned away from the photograph and cowered.
Photograph of a field in the British countryside. Confusion response. SCP-3134 ignored the photograph after several seconds of inspection.
Photograph of a German soldier deployed to the area that became Zone 29-Job. Aggression response. SCP-3134 attempted to attack photograph.
Photograph of Georges Clemenceau, Prime Minister of France during World War I. Unknown response. SCP-3134 attempted to adopt a bipedal stance for several minutes before resuming normal behaviour.
Photograph of an officer in the French army deployed to the area that became Zone 29-Job. Aggression response. SCP-3134 attempted to attack photograph.
Photograph of a World War I-era rifle. Unknown response. SCP-3134 attempted to take photograph from Dr McCall using front paws, looked at it for several minutes further when provided, then dropped it to the ground and resumed normal behaviour.
Photograph of a French soldier deployed to the area that became Zone 29-Job. Sadness response. SCP-3134 lay down and whimpered until the photograph was removed.4

Shortly after the final photograph was presented, SCP-3134 broke through its restraints and escaped into the surrounding forests. Construction of a covert installation in Zone 29-Job dedicated to containing SCP-3134 was approved after this point.

Addendum 3134-1: On ██/██/20██, several professional exorcists associated with the PWSSR5 attempted to infiltrate Foundation-controlled areas of Zone 29-Job in a presumed effort to neutralize SCP-3134. These individuals were intercepted, dosed with Class-B amnestics and released.6 Investigation is ongoing regarding how this group gained knowledge of SCP-3134.

Several items of interest were retrieved from these individuals while in custody, including several coded crystal matrixes7, large amounts of holy water and refined chalk, as well as a copy of A.A. Gilford's Guide to Feral Exorcism: Eviscerating Malevolent Spirits from Animals8.

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