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Item #: SCP-3127

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3127, currently located at Site-43, is to be contained in a 5m x 5m x 5m chamber and fed twice a day in accordance with Nutritional Chart 3127-1. SCP-3127's containment chamber is to be kept under guard by two security personnel at all times. The mental health of SCP-3127 is to be monitored by an on-site therapist for ease of containment.

SCP-3127 is not to come into physical contact with any personnel outside of testing.

Description: SCP-3127 is a nineteen year old woman named Jessica Lambert, a former resident of ██████, Illinois. SCP-3127 displays no abnormal physical characteristics for an individual of its age and is in sound mental condition, barring minor stress inherent to containment.

When SCP-3127 makes physical contact with another human being, that individual adopts the emotional state of SCP-3127 at the time of contact. The affected individual is then unable to feel emotions outside of said state for twenty to thirty minutes. There appears to be no permanent effect to the affected individual after this emotional state fades.

SCP-3127 was brought into containment after Foundation agents intercepted communications from the FBI's Unusual Incidents Unit regarding a girl who had contacted them claiming to have psychic powers. Although these reports were dismissed as a common hoax by the UIU, Foundation agents already in the area independently investigated and confirmed these claims, subsequently bringing SCP-3127 into containment. Family and friends in ██████ were administered Class-B amnestics and led to believe SCP-3127 had died in a car accident.

Addendum 3127-1: On 11/19/15, approval was given for SCP-3127 to be exposed to a number of other anomalous items for cross-testing purposes. As no unexpected results occurred during these experiments, they have thus been filed as irrelevant materials. Full logs are available upon request from the Site-43 Archive Department.

Addendum 3127-2: On 12/10/16, SCP-3127 reported feeling ill to supervising staff and subsequently gave birth to a live female piglet, despite displaying no signs of pregnancy beforehand. SCP-3127 perished during this process due to complications arising during emergency surgery. The live piglet, which has also displayed anomalous properties, is currently awaiting classification.

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