Towin's Pine Street.

Item #: SCP-3123

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All civilians who enter the municipality of Towin are to be monitored by onsite Foundation personnel. Should civilians be exposed to SCP-3123, they are to be amnesticized, and released with an appropriate cover story.

Only personnel who have been screened for good behavior may be allowed near Towin. Any personnel working on SCP-3123 who require disciplinary action for poor conduct are to be immediately reassigned. Any attempts to provoke the inhabitants of Towin are prohibited.

Description: SCP-3123 is a phenomenon that occurs in the town of Towin, CO, where individuals will be spontaneously injured after causing emotional distress, or acting in emotionally abusive patterns toward another individual. The severity of the injury is correlated to the severity of emotional distress caused. This injury will manifest only if the distressed victim perceives a discrete individual to be responsible for their distress.

Towin has a population of roughly 4000, and is located 30 kilometers from the next nearest population center. It is surrounded on all sides by mountains, which hinder any effort to enter or leave. The inhabitants of Towin (who understand the existence of, and are affected by SCP-3123) have very little interaction with civilians outside of the municipality, as a consequence of their geographical isolation. However, Towin still managed to cultivate a reputation for being highly hospitable before containment. It is believed that this reputation is an indirect consequence of SCP-3123.

When asked about their views on the anomaly, most inhabitants note that the phenomenon has always been a part of their lives, and have not bothered to question it. When asked about why they stayed in Towin, inhabitants cited their family's history living in the town and the close-knit community.

SCP-3123 was discovered by the Foundation in 1968 when Agent DuBlon stopped to rest in Towin during a vacation road trip. During his stay, DuBlon experienced a spontaneous concussion. Unable to determine the cause of the injury, DuBlon reported the experience to the Foundation.

Addendum SCP-3123-A:

Below is a sample of logged injuries caused by SCP-3123. For the full log please contact the senior researcher in charge of SCP-3123.

Year Name of Victim (Age) Injury Cause/Notes
1968 Daniel Hedler (63) Forced removal of two teeth (both molars) Injury occurred after Hedler offended Joshua Chubra by using a racist slur.
1973 Gabriel Ernst (32) Broken femur Injury occurred after Ernst insulted the recently deceased father of Tyler Brown.
1975 Heidi Yent (29) Forced removal of the nails on both index fingers Injury occurred after Yent made repeated comments about the weight of Erica Dutnam. Yent claimed later that this was a joke, and was not intended to offend.
1984 Danica Slentler (37) Hair ripped from the scalp Injury occurred after Slentler turned down Eric Tellur's invitation to join him for a movie date.
1989 Helen Terith (17) Concussion Injury occurred after Terith performed poorly on a test in school. When asked about the injury, Terith blamed herself.

While manifestations during experiments still occur as expected, natural manifestations have decreased since SCP-3123's observational period 34 years ago. As of this writing, approximately one manifestation a year needs treatment from Foundation medical personnel1.

Addendum SCP-3123-B: On 12/14/1989, Foundation personnel discovered a section of forest on the outskirts of Towin with slips of paper taped to some of the trees. Of the slips recovered, only 15% contained writing in a legible state. Microphones and cameras were hidden throughout the area for future surveillance. Below is a partial list of recovered slips:

I'm Alice Felucia, and I hurt my family after they did not let me go sledding with my friends. I was sick, and they were looking out for me. I apologize to all my friends and family for my wrongdoing.

I am Evan Eldebar, and I hurt my friends while we were playing. I thought they were making fun of me, however it was obvious that they were joking. I am sorry, Jeremy, Tyler and Dave. I hope you can walk again someday. I apologize to all my friends and family for my wrongdoing.

My name is Daniel Shou, and I hurt my teacher after I did poorly on a test. This was the fifth time this month this has happened. I am sorry Mrs. Delilah. I apologize to all my friends and family for my wrongdoing.

I’m Patricia Sarlo, and I hurt my parents after we got in a fight. They got mad at me, which in turn made me upset with them. So we hurt each other. And we hurt each other. And we hurt each other. And we hurt each other. I apologize to all my friends and family for my wrongdoing.

I am Tristan Dourly, and I've hurt myself every day for the past month. It felt good. I say something mean, and I get cut. I liked it. I did it a lot. I apologize to all my friends and family for my wrongdoing.

I am Winston Shou, and I hurt the entire town. But I did it because they took away my little brother. I cannot forgive them, but maybe they can forgive me. I apologize to all my friends and family for my wrongdoing.

Addendum SCP-3123-C: On 4/3/1990, Agent Tennison, stationed in Towin, reported a mass manifestation of SCP-3123. All students and teachers at the Towin elementary school received lacerations on their bodies at the same time. This occurred during the school’s annual “Field Day” event.

The following night, the cameras planted in the area described in Addendum SCP-3123-B spotted a group of three Towin inhabitants. The men carried the body of a young child, which they buried next to a tree without a slip of paper. When they finished, the men taped a slip to the tree. Microphones picked up the following conversation from the men as they dug the grave:

TI-1: It's such a damn shame.

TI-2: Would you prefer she stick around and break your leg one day?

TI-1: No, I wouldn't. But still. She's so young.

TI-2: They're always young. It's harder to pick out unstable ones when they get older.

TI-1: But have we even tried that?

TI-2: I don't know. This is just what we do. If there wasn't reason for it, don't you think we would've come up with a better idea?

TI-1: I… I guess you're right. But—

TI-3: Jimmy, I know this is your first shift, but you need to stop talking. You're slowing us down. I don't dig these graves because I enjoy it.

TI-2: Right.

TI-1: Sorry.


TI-1: Her parents looked so calm, though.

TI-3: They always look like that.

The Foundation recovered the body, and the slip:

My name is Judy Grant, and I hurt my classmates and teachers after my class lost during field day. I really wanted to win, but I should not have gotten upset at my teammates. Hopefully, we can win next year. I apologize to all my friends and family for my wrongdoing.

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