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A device of the same model as SCP-3120.

Item #: SCP-3120

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3120 is to be powered off and kept in a storage locker in the Communications Office of Site-81. One person in the administrative staff of each Foundation secure facility is to be granted Level 5/3120 clearance and briefed on the properties of SCP-3120. If the conditions outlined in Document 3120-Omicron are met, any person with Level 5/3120 clearance may broadcast a 3120-Omicron signal.

If the Communications Office of Site-81 receives a confirmed 3120-Omicron signal, SCP-3120 is to be powered on, and a staff member with clearance level 4 or higher is to use it as appropriate.

Description: SCP-3120 is a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone with a silver finish and English-language interface. Its fingerprint recognition is apparently faulty, as any human can unlock the device with the print of a thumb or index finger1. Both its lock screen and wallpaper consist of a white background with centered Arial Bold text, with the lock screen reading "INFORMATION SHOULD BE FREE" and the wallpaper reading "INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY IS SPIRITUAL THEFT."

SCP-3120 is unable to receive wi-fi signals or cell service of any kind. It has applications installed that are consistent with factory settings of a device of the same model, but only the Phone and Contacts applications can be launched.

The device has only one contact saved2, under the name of "Help Desk." The telephone number saved with this contact is +1 (218) ███-████3. Attempts to call this number are always successful4, and result in the caller being connected to an entity designated SCP-3120-1.

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