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Agent ███ gathering SCP-3112-A instances for investigation upon its first manifestation

Item #: SCP-3112

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3112 is to be monitored by Foundation satellites intended to detect electromagnetic radiation at a global scale. Locations identified to exhibit frequencies of 7a x 7.7a7a Hz. are to be further monitored for possible activities relating to GOI-312.

Foundation personnel are assigned to monitor Site-81's staff break room at all times to collect SCP-3112-A manifestations. Instances of SCP-3112-A are to be immediately inspected and sorted. In the event of a sudden influx of SCP-3112-A manifestations, additional Foundation personnel and equipment are to be assigned to the area. Collected instances of SCP-3112-A are to be kept in a standard containment locker at Storage Site-81.

Testing with the Foundation-created SCP-3112 instance had been approved by Dr. █████ as of 21/07/2016. Testing is to be done at Site-79 due to the electromagnetic interference associated with SCP-███.

Description: SCP-3112 is an anomalous form of electromagnetic radiation with a frequency of 7a x 7.7a7a Hz. SCP-3112 has been observed to allow inter-dimensional translocation of letters and postcards. Foundation efforts to replicate SCP-3112's frequencies and anomalous effects have been successful. (see: Test Log-3112-01)

The spontaneous manifestations of envelopes and postcards, designated SCP-3112-A, within Site-81's staff break room is theorized to be caused by an interruption to SCP-3112's frequencies. This abrupt cancellation of SCP-3112's frequencies leads to the unexpected release of SCP-3112-A instances upon reaching the end of SCP-3112's cancelled waves. The interruptions to SCP-3112's frequencies was confirmed to be caused by the anomalous property of SCP-███, found within the same site. SCP-3112-A instances have been identified to be non-anomalous in nature. SCP-3112-A exhibits texts written in unknown scripts and languages, although some instances contain intelligible writings. Addresses and return addresses appear to be unique for each SCP-3112-A instance.

A supposed extra-dimensional postal service provider identified as InDi-Mail, designated GOI-312, claims to be responsible for SCP-3112 and SCP-3112-A manifestations. GOI-312 have successfully contacted the Foundation twice and provided instructions for the construction of SCP-3112-B on first contact. (see: Document-3112-01 and Document-3112-02) Further attempts at contacting GOI-312 are being made.

SCP-3112-B is a 50cm x 50cm x 50cm wooden box embedded to the side of a Quercus macrocarpa, known commonly as bur oak, with one twig attached to the box through adhesives. Letters and postcards following specific conditions and deposited to SCP-3112-B are immediately transported upon exposure to SCP-3112 frequencies. SCP-3112-B was constructed by the Foundation with Dr. █████'s approval to utilize SCP-3112 in an attempt to contact GOI-312.

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