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SCP Foundation InfoSec/PR Statement

The existence of SCP-3109 may be publicly acknowledged, but must be limited to the following information:

  • An indeterminate series of anomalous events is taking place in the vicinity of Kuiper Belt Object 9987320 2448-U102.
  • Foundation assets are working with various UN and Martian militaries to resolve and contain the situation.
  • The environment of and space surrounding KBO 2448-U102 is currently incompatible with sustained human presence.
  • Informational security is being maintained in the event the situation results in the manifestation of dangerous memetic or infohazardous properties.
  • Civilian equipment or persons attempting to enter the quarantine zone are subject to immediate destruction. Any civilian attempting to observe the quarantine zone is subject to detainment, amnestic therapy, or permanent containment as appropriate.
KBO 2448-U102 as viewed from Enceladus Site-01. SCP-3109-1 Visible in upper right quadrant.

Item #: SCP-3109

Object Class: Euclid1

Special Containment Procedure: A Foundation automated quarantine zone is in effect around SCP-3109 at a distance of 5,000 km. Astronomical observation, robotic and manned exploration of the body formerly known as KBO 2448-U102 is strictly prohibited to all civilian entities.

UN and Martian Nation States are permitted to continue basic reconnaissance and observation of the object, subject to informational transparency with Foundation Assets and other involved Nation States. Data obtained from these observations must be classified Top Secret within their respective governments. Non-Foundation equipment entering the quarantine zone may not be retrieved under any circumstances.

Exploration of SCP-3109 is subject to total loss at a rate of 40%. Surviving expeditions have internal loss rate exceeding 60%. All personnel assigned to SCP-3109 must be made aware of this prior to assignment. Exploration by D-Class Foundation assets must be voluntary by order of the Ethics Committee. Consent is not implied by prior voluntary D-Class service.

Futher attempts to contact, sample, or neutralize SCP-3109-1 are prohibited.

Description: SCP-3109 is a roughly spherical area centered on the newly discovered Kuiper Belt Object 2448-U102 with an approximate radius of 25,000 km. Material entering SCP-3109 may change in shape, size, chemical composition, and mass, and are also subject to various temporal and spatial distortions2. The area is also subject to random manifestation of simple and complex objects, both organic and inorganic, including artifacts normally only known to be manufactured by humans3. Unlike other reality-altering phenomena observed within Foundation accessible space, Kant readings within the region consistently align with the vacuum background level of 0.92 and 1.05 Humes.

SCP-3109-1 is an unidentified anomalous entity or object which exists in the vicinity of KBO 2448-U102 at a distance ranging between 0 and 10,000 km of the planetoid's surface. Though SCP-3109-1 is corporeal and visible to lidar, spectroscopic analysis of its composition remains inconclusive, suggesting composition of some exotic form of matter. Despite consistent changes in position, SCP-3109-1 does not move in the classical sense. Though apparent movement can be measured at either the leading or trailing edge, photographic and video evidence confirms that the bulk of SCP-3109-1 remains stationary at all times. The object proceeds through space by manifesting additional material at its leading edge, and annihilating material at its trailing edge. Due to this, SCP-3109-1 is capable of apparently instantaneous movement and acceleration in any direction.

Whenever SCP-3109-1 approaches within 200 km of KBO 2448-U102's surface, the planetoid's topography, environment, and chemical composition are subject to radical changes. Alteration becomes more severe as SCP-3109-1's proximity increases. Observed alterations include manifestation of oxygen atmosphere, spontaneous generation of living organic material, creation of new mountain ranges, liquefaction of the planetoid's crust, and spontaneous nuclear explosion. Despite continued contact with SCP-3109-1, KBO 2448-U102's orbit remains stable, and remote measurements of its mass remain unchanged.

Discovery: On 14 September 2448 CE, automated Martian deep-system survey equipment on Ganymede identified the 4th inclination of a new Kuiper Belt object approximately 1060 km in radius, and granted the designation KBO 2448-U102. Analysis of photographic data from the planetoid identified several unidentifiable anomalies in its observed brightness. Martian Navy assets dispatched a long distance probe to perform basic reconnaissance in hopes of retrieving additional water ice and complex organics from the site to stabilize deficits in Martian planetary eco-forming and asteroid belt holdings.

The probe entered local KBO 2448-U102 space on 05 January 2449 and began transmitting still images of the planetoid along with inconclusive spectroscopic analysis of another large (>200km in length) object apparently in orbit. Transmission continued for 37 minutes before the probe abruptly failed for unknown reasons (See Figure 1 Above).

Martian Naval intelligence quickly notified UN Spacy and Foundation assets of possible anomalous activity, detained all persons directly exposed to the feed, and turned over their records to the Foundation in compliance with DSAAD4 Article 1.

UN Spacy assets revealed at that time that an additional, manned mission was in transit to KBO 2448-U102 as of 16 September 2448 in an attempt to establish a sovereign base on the planetoid for future Kuiper Belt operations, flying under radio blackout which would not be lifted by the crew until planned transmission on 07 February. Under duress, UN Spacy assets authorized the release of vessel designation and yielded contact frequencies and command of the mission to the Foundation on 12 January.

Manned Expedition Log: The following table contains a list of notable manned expeditions to SCP-3109, including contact attempts with SCP-3109-1.

Addendum 3109-1: During manned expedition to SCP-3109 on 19102455, The FSV "Tempestuous" manned by 6 voluntary D-Class personnel was completely subsumed by SCP-3109-1. Transmissions from the Tempestuous continued to be received for the following 72 hours, but apparently could not receive any transmissions from the Foundation regardless of source. Below are selected transcribed portions of those transmissions.

Proposing we investigate causal and spatial isolation of KBO 2448-U102 and surrounding space from the rest of the Sol System. The anomaly is dangerous and unpredictable, and allowing its continued existence in the Kuiper belt has the potential to destabilize future prospecting operations, and thereby the existence of all extraterrestrial human presence. Mars and Ceres included. Attached to this proposal are plans for an array of N-dimensional manifold inhibitors capable of contracting and isolating the entirety of the current containment strata within a standard S-213 causal isolation cell. Please consider this option seriously, expenses notwithstanding.

- Jr Researcher Dr. Thaddeus Xyank, Extra-spatial Topology

Proposal rejected by 3-9 decision. There is as yet insufficient evidence to suggest that this containment would prove to be indefinitely effective. This is beyond us. Leave it alone.

- O5-12

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