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Item #: SCP-3107

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-3107 is to be contained in Sealed Containment Locker #122. Access to SCP-3107 is prohibited by order of Site-19 Administration. Individuals erroneously requesting access to SCP-3107 must submit to a mandatory psychological evaluation. Possible instances of SCP-3107-A are to be reclassified as Class-E personnel and detained.

Electronic documentation regarding SCP-3107 and SCP-3107-A is considered non-anomalous. The full transcript is to be housed in a Site-19's Electronic Storage Unit, on rack 532-B.


ERR.MSG: Query on column S19.SCP.3107.DESC Exceeds maximum allowable data. Please alter search parameters.

SCP-3107 was uncovered by the Foundation packaged in a yellow box labeled "Dr. Wondertainment's Wonderball!" Notably, the packaging lacked the franchise's usual disclaimers and advertising. Due to the lack of [DATA EXPUNGED], it was later discovered that the box was a fake; SCP-3107 holds no relation to Dr. Wondertainment Incorporated. Research is ongoing to determine if the intent of the fabrication was to deliberately have SCP-3107 placed in Foundation custody.

Testing Log

A Foreword:
Most of the recordings on file have been redacted for brevity. We don't need a thousand records of useless errata clogging our terminals. Department staff are already complaining that they're unable to view the object's description properly. The full documentation can be found in the ESU.
Doctor Kiebler, Head of Anomalous Objects at Site-19

Test 1 —12/5/1999
Subject: D-3107-1
Research Director: Dr. Winslow
Procedure: D-3107-1 is to interact with SCP-3107 to determine its function.

Subject was asked to enter the containment area and remove SCP-3107 from its packaging. D-3107-1 expresses hesitation.

Dr Winslow: Keep going, Ms. [REDACTED].

D-3107-1 removes SCP-3107-1 from its packaging. Two audible chimes are heard.

Dr Winslow: …Do you feel anything unusual?

D-3107-1: No- Wait, am I supposed to!? Oh god, is this going to kill me?

Dr Winslow: Not as such, [REDACTED], no. Continue interacting with the sphere; please mention if you feel anything unusual.

Subject begins turning the SCP-3107 over in their hand. After three rotations, the SCP-3107 produces two audible chimes.

Dr. Winslow: Curious. Could you do that again, please?

Subject repeats the action. After three rotations, the SCP-3107 produces one audible chime.

Dr. Winslow: Anything?

D-3107-1: Nothing, no.

Subject performs various interactions with SCP-3107. It is demonstrated that several interactions with SCP-3107 cause it to produce two chimes. Upon the repetition these actions, SCP-3107 only produces one chime.

D-3107-1: Does… Does this thing just ring? Nothing else?

Dr. Winslow: It appears so. It shouldn't, mind. However, I suppose even Dr. Wondertainment can create a dud. We'll have to perform more tests to make sure, of course. Martha, schedule another test for tomorrow. That will be all for today, Ms. [REDACTED].

Note: After the test, Dr. Winslow was warned for referring to D-3107-1 by their last name. Foundation personnel should be reminded that unnecessary socialization with D-Class personnel is discouraged.

Test 6 —12/5/1999
Subject: Dr. Winslow
Research Director: Dr. Winslow
Procedure: Disregarding fellow staff members, Dr. Winslow climbed into the containment area to test SCP-3107 personally.

Immediately, an alarm sounds, indicating a containment breach.

Dr. Winslow: Oh, turn those off, I'm not doing anything dangerous.

The alarm turns off, followed by an automated request for all personnel to leave the testing area.

Dr. Winslow: Martha, Martha. Relax. The ball does not even do anything. I'm just here to make sure.

There is a brief crackling as Assistant Researcher Martha Clayton locates the microphone.

Researcher Clayton: Damn it, there are protocols for a reason, Doctor! If you have to perform a test, bring in D-3107-1.

Dr. Winslow: That number is quite the mouthful, you know.

Researcher Clayton: Excuse me?

Disregarding the intercom, Subject begins removing SCP-3107 from its packaging. It produces a single chime.

Dr. Winslow: Regardless. Ms. J- er, D-3107-1 is cleaning the labs today. I don't have time to wait and I'm not too keen on this whole 'use D-Class as fodder' business. That is another matter, though.

Subject approaches the observation window while speaking.

Dr. Winslow: Besides, 3107 has shown to be perfectly-

Subject slips, causing 3107 to propel towards the window. It collides with the glass.

After five seconds of silence, two chimes are heard. Subject stands, looking pleased.

Dr. Winslow: See? Perfectly safe. I wonder if we should stress-test this.

Notes: Due to the results of this test, Doctor Winslow has formally classified SCP-3107 as Safe, and requested grant money to perform further research. In the request, Dr. Winslow cited an opportunity to further understand Wondertainment SCPs as a whole via a nonlethal example of their work. At this stage, Assistant Researcher Clayton requested reassignment.

Test 107 —1/13/2000
Subject: D-3107-1
Research Director: Dr. Winslow
Procedure: Subject is to interact with SCP-3107 to uncover additional stimuli that produce Chimes.

Dr. Winslow: You should know the routine by now. Normally I'd do this myself, but we're down a researcher. Go ahead.

Subject begins to interact with SCP-3107-1. As seen previously, SCP-3107 produces two-chimes in response to the first instance of certain combinations of actions, suggesting that a chain of chimes is possible.

D-3107-1: It's not that I'm ungrateful for the <pauses to breathe> nonlethal assignment, but Doctor, why are we doing all this again?

Dr. Winslow: Why, for science, of course. What other reason should there be?

D-3107-1: Right, then.

Subject continues to interact with SCP-3107. Object chimes singularly multiple times during this process. While tossing the SCP-3107 aloft, the anomalous object accidentally collides with the subject's head.

D-3107-1: Fuck!

After five seconds, two Chimes are emitted from SCP-3107.

Dr. Winslow: Hunh.

D-3107-1: …What is it, Doctor?

There is no response.

D-3107-1: …Doctor?

Dr. Winslow: Hm? Oh! Nothing, nothing. That will be all for today. You may return to your quarters, D-3107-1.

Notes: This is the first time that SCP-3107 has produced a double-chime in over 2 weeks.

Test 108 —1/14/2000
Subject: D-3107-1
Research Director: Dr. Winslow
Procedure: Subject is to encounter repeated, damaging collisions with SCP-3107.

Dr. Winslow enters the testing chamber with SCP-3107. Subject begins pleading through their cloth gag.

Dr. Winslow: Here we are again. I think we're finally on the verge of something interesting. Speaking of which, it is good to have you back, Ms. Clayton. It's so much easier to get work done with two people.

Researcher Clayton: Good to be back, sir. I don't think you could keep me away at this point. Shall we get on with the test? I'm excited to see the results.

Dr. Winslow: Of course, of course. What was I thinking? Are you ready, D-3107-1?

Subject continues pleading; their restraints prove effective.

Dr. Winslow: That's the spirit.

Dr. Winslow begins administering the test to the subject. Two chimes are emitted for the first blow to Subject's head, though it only produces one chime for blows of increasing force. Two chimes are produced as one of the Subject's teeth becomes dislodged.

Dr. Winslow: See? Progress. I think we've finally branched into new territory with chime interactions.

Researcher Clayton: I agree, though we should conclude the test here; we aren't likely to receive another D-Class personnel with our current conduct.

Dr. Winslow: Oh, I suppose you are correct. Very well. We can continue this tomorrow. Have a good evening, D-3107-1. We have an exciting day tomorrow.

Subject is unresponsive.

Test 1520 —3/20/2001
Subject: D-3107-1
Research Director: Dr. Winslow
Procedure: Subject is to have SCP-3107 surgically inserted inside them, then rotated three times clockwise.

The Procedure is administered. Two chimes are produced as SCP-3107 is inserted. Two further chimes are produced as the object is rotated.

Dr. Winslow: Well I'll be; you were right. Let the records show that chime-producing actions can indeed be strung together while inside a corpse.

Researcher Clayton: I suspected as much. Perhaps-

SCP-3107 produces three chimes.

Researcher Clayton: Oh my god.

Dr. Winslow: Did we get that on tape!? Three chimes! I can't believe it!

Note: This was the first, and only recorded instance of SCP-3107 producing three chimes.

Note from Dr. Roscranz: Several days after this test, SCP-3107 was reclassified as Euclid. Site-19 administration was made aware of erratic behavior in researchers studying SCP-3107, following reports of "the horrifying stench of rotting flesh." Upon investigation, the remains of D-3107-1 were recovered. All researchers studying SCP-3107 were reclassified as SCP-3107-A and administered psychological treatment. Amnestics have proven incapable of lifting the cognitohazardous properties of SCP-3107.


I was a good friend of 3107-A-1, back when we still called him Dr. Winslow. Knowing the difference between what he was and what he is now, I felt it necessary to add something here. There is a literal mountain of data on 3107, but this is the important bit:

All things said and done, 3107 is almost entirely harmless. However, the Foundation is perhaps the worst place it could have ended up. Even in basic training, Researchers here are ingrained with a deep, driving need to discover. It isn't supposed to be a bad thing! That willpower is how we're able to ID impossible goddamn things like anti-memes or anti-concepts. After spending two months splitting my brain to remember "everything besides what 055 is not", I should know this better than anyone.

With 3107, that persistence becomes our Achilles heel. It feeds on curiosity. It encourages our interest, then corrupts it. I know our Site Director will reprimand me for encouraging actions counter to standard procedure, but if we had just left 3107 in the box we found it in, none of this would have happened. Even after we started testing, James Winslow could have simply stated 3107 was a pointless ringing ball and thrown it in a containment locker. It would have never been touched again. Instead, this happened.

So let this be a warning to you: Not everything in the Foundation has to be documented. We're not here to write books on the unknown or poke apocalypse monsters with a stick. We're here to Secure, Contain and Protect. Don't forget that.

Doctor Roscranz, Research Director #2 assigned to SCP-3107

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