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Item#: 3105
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Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-3105 is to be contained within a standard anomalous humanoid containment cell with a bulletproof observation window. The cell is to be kept at a constant temperature of 10 degrees Celsius and at a humidity of 45% in order to minimise any further damage to SCP-3105. Any personnel interacting with SCP-3105 must wear protective gear to prevent injury.

Note: As of 03/07/2018 SCP-3105's containment unit has been furnished with a number of items as part of ongoing research. Additional items may be added at the direction of Researcher Janssen and must be examined thoroughly by security.

The remains of SCP-3105 are to be kept in cold storage at Site-19's non anomalous item storage wing. No further containment measures are necessary.


SCP-3105 with its helmet removed.


SCP-3105 is the heavily damaged corpse of a male human being. SCP-3105 shows significant damage from a number of sources, including age, exposure, animal attacks, rot, and injuries sustained from manmade weaponry. Despite this heavy damage and lack of any vital signs or mechanical processes, SCP-3105 remains animate and able to perceive its surroundings through unknown means and vocalise in a limited capacity1.

SCP-3105 is clothed in heavily degraded clothing and metal armour similar to those worn by Viking warriors. These items include a heavily rusted Gjermundbu2 style helmet, a tattered tunic, a leather breastplate, one heavily damaged leather glove, and the hilt of a broken and rusted sword fused to its right hand. Tests have shown the remains to date around 900 AD, in line with the attire worn by SCP-3105. This in conjunction with DNA testing has placed SCP-3105's place of origin in western Norway, although any attempts to pinpoint an exact location have been deemed impossible due to a lack of surviving remnants.

SCP-3105 has proved to be aggressive towards any humans within its range of perception, attempting to injure individuals in its immediate vicinity by any means available. However, due to SCP-3105's heavily impaired motor skills, these attacks are easily defended against and damage is usually minimal. SCP-3105 has not shown the capacity for higher thought beyond this and is currently considered as non-sapient. (Note: See Incident SCP-3105-A)

Addendum-SCP-3105-A: Discovery

SCP-3105 was discovered in the small village of H████, Norway after the townspeople had begun to spread rumours of a 'Draugr3' wandering the region and 'eating people's souls'. The village had begun to leave offerings of food outside for the Draugr, which was always found to be taken the next day. Due to SCP-3105's apparent disinterest in food and lack of means to process it, it is presumed this was due to scavenging animals.

The Foundation was notified when a small child was approached on the edge of the village by SCP-3105, followed by the child's parents screaming and rushing towards them. SCP-3105 responded violently, attempting to attack the parents but was too physically impaired to catch or harm them.

After the incident, the townsfolk reported what had occurred to the nearest city authority in R██████ and launched a hunt into the surrounding wilderness to look for SCP-3105. The townsfolk had grown increasingly more superstitious and had begun to burn bodies in the apparent fear of them reanimating. After this escalation had been reported to the city authority along with video evidence of SCP-3105, an investigation was launched by the Foundation.

A small task force was dispatched to the location, and civilians were interviewed and ordered to stay within the confines of the village. During the search for SCP-3105, it was eventually discovered in a nearby bog stuck in a muddy lakebed attempting to pull itself free. After it was determined SCP-3105 posed no significant threat, a containment team was called and SCP-3105 was retrieved and moved to Site-19. A cover story of mass hysteria was released to the public and civilians were amnesticised.

After it was determined that SCP-3105 was not capable of higher brain functions, it was placed in a standard anomalous object containment unit and was made available for study to any researchers with clearance level 1 and above. (See Incident SCP-3105-A).

Incident SCP-3105-A:

Researcher Janssen was performing routine sample acquisition from SCP-3105 while it was not physically restrained. Despite there being no obstacle or barrier preventing SCP-3105 from attacking Janssen, it did not respond with hostility, and instead peacefully observed Janssen's actions and movements around the chamber.

In light of this unusual reaction, Janssen moved towards SCP-3105 with the intent to elicit a further response. In response, SCP-3105 reached its hand out towards Janssen and attempted to touch her face. Janssen quickly recoiled from the approach, with security personnel reacting by attempting to move Janssen further from SCP-3105, following protocol. SCP-3105 responded with hostility as had been previously documented.

Both Janssen and security guards were unharmed in the encounter, and left the chamber without further incident.

Addendum-SCP-3105-B: Testing Logs

Following the interaction in Incident-3105-A, Janssen formally requested to be allowed to conduct various experiments to test the cognitive abilities of SCP-3105. It was Janssen's belief that SCP-3105 still retained some form of sapience that could be stimulated when exposed to different forms of stimuli. Due to Janssen's expertise in European history and culture, this request was granted and Janssen was given authority over SCP-3105 and all subsequent testing.

Test 3105-1


Supervisor: Researcher Janssen

Subject: SCP-3105

Test: Researcher Janssen is to stand behind observation window in full view of SCP-3105 in order to gauge a response.

Result: SCP-3105 approached the window in an unusually calm state. SCP-3105 observed Janssen for a few moments before Janssen placed her hand on the glass. SCP-3105 responded by placing its unarmed hand against the glass opposite to Janssen.

Notes: Interesting. More testing will have to be done to gauge SCP-3105's ability to recognise objects and people. - Researcher Janssen

Test 3105-2


Supervisor: Researcher Janssen

Subject: SCP-3105

Test: Researcher Janssen is to hold a number of items up to observations window in order to gauge a response. Items include glasses, mobile phone, teddy bear, photograph, and a lighter.

Result: SCP-3105 showed no interest in the glasses, photograph, or mobile phone. However, it seem to respond with curiosity towards the teddy bear, and appeared to have a fear response when the lighter was lit before cautiously approaching again.

Notes: It's almost as if an inkling of emotion remains, but we can only just scratch the surface. I'm curious as to whether or not it's possible to stimulate its emotions further. - Researcher Janssen

Test 3105-3


Supervisor: Researcher Janssen

Subject: SCP-3105

Test: Researcher Janssen is to attempt to speak to SCP-3105 from the opposite side of the observation window.

Result: SCP-3105 initially showed interest in Janssen's presence. However, when Janssen began to speak SCP-3105 appeared confused and mildly agitated. SCP-3105 looked at Janssen for a moment before slamming its fist on the glass. At this point, Janssen terminated the test and left the chamber.

Notes: I'm not sure what happened. Maybe my voice wasn't what SCP-3105 expected? It is pretty deep especially for a woman. Or perhaps it's language related? In any case, SCP-3105 seemed quite agitated by my speech. Maybe if I try something more universally understood like music? I mean, I've been looking for an excuse to play my flute on site. - Researcher Janssen

Test 3105-4


Supervisor: Researcher Janssen

Subject: SCP-3105

Test: Researcher Janssen is to play traditional Scandinavian music on her flute over the speakers into SCP-3105's chamber. Researcher Janssen is to remain in full view of SCP-3105 to avoid confusing SCP-3105 as to the source of the music.

Result: SCP-3105 stared at Researcher Janssen for one minute before slowly placing its left hand on the observation window. SCP-3105 then placed its forehead on the window and began to move in a rhythmic jerking motion, similar to crying.

Notes: This is a major reaction. While likely not actively aware of its surroundings in a fully alert state, SCP-3105 does seem to come to attention when something gains its interest. I admit though, seeing SCP-3105 sob like that was a bit upsetting. Maybe it would've been better if SCP-3105 was just an animal acting on instinct. - Researcher Janssen

Following the above test, Researcher Janssen had requested to perform a face-to-face test within SCP-3105's chamber. This was granted under the condition that armed guards be on alert outside the chamber.

Test 3105-5


Supervisor: Researcher Janssen

Subject: SCP-3105

Test: Researcher Janssen is to enter SCP-3105's chamber alone and gauge a response. Security is on standby.

Result: SCP-3105 initially reacted defensively when it realised someone had entered its chamber. However, upon seeing Janssen, its behaviour changed and it appeared to relax. SCP-3105 then slowly walked towards Janssen who remained still and smiling, then reached a hand out towards her, who tenses in response. SCP-3105 ceased reaching for Janssen momentarily and stared at her before continuing. SCP-3105 gently grabbed a lock of Janssen's hair4 and examined it briefly before moving away to a far corner of its chamber and sitting down. Janssen then left the chamber.

Notes: Curious. This was almost a 'tender' reaction, as if it was lost in thought or nostalgia. I'll admit, it's a bit unnerving having a corpse reach for your face, but I don't know, it seems to be more human than we're giving it credit for. I've requested more 'familiar' objects for testing, perhaps this will give stronger results. - Researcher Janssen

Test 3105-6


Supervisor: Researcher Janssen

Subject: SCP-3105

Test: Researcher Janssen is to present SCP-3105 with a number of items made to replicate ancient Norse artefacts. Among these are a small woven doll, a handcrafted flute, an icon of Mjolnir5, a blunted cutting knife, a necklace and a gathering of dried herbs.

Result: SCP-3105 interacted with all items and showed varying degrees of emotion. The knife and icon of Mjolnir were given the least attention, with SCP-3105 showing some respect towards the icon. The necklace was handled for a moment before SCP-3105 attempted to place it over its head, which it eventually managed with assistance from Janssen. SCP-3105 also showed a keen interest in the herbs, grabbing them and holding them to its face for an extended period.

The strongest reactions were from the flute and doll. When given the flute, SCP-3105 attempted to play, but was unsuccessful due to its lack of functioning lungs. However, it appeared to display a proficiency with the instrument judging by the finger movements on its available hand. It then passed the flute back to Janssen with marked enthusiasm. When presented with the doll, SCP-3105 held it for a minute silently, before heaving and throwing all the items in its possession to the ground, tearing off the necklace it was wearing. It then proceeded to wail and slam its hands and head against the walls away from Janssen as guards rushed to subdue it.

Janssen ordered the guards to stand down and approached SCP-3105 alone. Janssen then placed her hands on its shoulders which seemed to calm SCP-3105 down enough for it to sit back in the corner of the room, unresponsive.

Notes: This was distressing. I didn't expect such an intense response from something so small. Regardless, all the items seem to confirm my theory that SCP-3105 reacts to stimuli more familiar to it. This should be enough to convince higher-ups to allocate the funds I need to overhaul SCP-3105's chamber. Who knows, this might even allow us to learn more about the Viking era. I hope at least. -Researcher Janssen

Following Test-3105-6, Researcher Janssen requested to have SCP-3105's chamber outfitted with a number of large furniture pieces built to replicate those used in the Viking era. The stated goal of this was to stimulate any remaining cognitive abilities or memory in SCP-3105 and eventually allow for communication. Barring some items, this request was granted on the condition that all items be replicated at as low a cost as possible while retaining the necessary characteristics.

Test 3105-7


Supervisor: Researcher Janssen

Subject: SCP-3105

Test: SCP-3105's chamber had been outfitted with a number of large furniture pieces and decorations in order to attempt communication with SCP-3105 by stimulating its consciousness. The chamber had been outfitted with a large bed with fur blankets, a large fur rug, several hanging decorative and fragrant herbs, a small table with two chairs, a simulated hearth6, and a number of small items and trinkets including those from Test 3105-6. Despite the reaction in Test 3105-6, the small doll was also included at Janssen's request with security on standby as a precaution.

Result: Upon SCP-3105 being reintroduced into its chamber alongside Researcher Janssen, it stood for a moment observing its surroundings. SCP-3105 then looked back to Janssen who gestured it in. SCP-3105 wandered around the room as Janssen sat on the small chair provided. SCP-3105 proceeded to interact with several of the items in its vicinity. It was noted to be testing the bed, warming its hands over the hearth, and picking up a number of items and bringing them to Janssen to observe.

After a while, Janssen began to play the replica flute SCP-3105 had brought her, causing SCP-3105 to walk over and sit opposite to Janssen. SCP-3105 watched Janssen play as it clutched the small doll from the previous test. During this time, SCP-3105 could be noted as quietly vocalising while looking towards Janssen. After playing had concluded, Janssen held out her hand and SCP-3105 placed its hand in Janssen's palm. After this, Janssen bid SCP-3105 farewell and left the chamber.

Notes: It worked! It was like watching a child run around their room and bring their loved one all their toys. It was truly heartwarming to see. If we can manage to keep this level of attentiveness from SCP-3105 then we may even be able to facilitate some form of communication.

It will take a lot of work though, after all, it's a big leap. Music has been shown to elicit major responses before so perhaps that can bridge the gap? I know some songs that SCP-3105 would no doubt love to hear. Maybe I could even tell him a story in Old Norse! I'll have to study up over the coming days.

You know it's funny, I swear I could almost hear SCP-3105's groans sound like words while I was playing. Sounded almost like a name. Perhaps 'Sigrid'? Although it could just be my imagination. - Researcher Janssen

Test 3105-8


Supervisor: Researcher Janssen

Subject: SCP-3105

Test: SCP-3105 is to be exposed to various auditory stimuli in the form of Researcher Janssen playing traditional Scandinavian songs and reading stories in Old Norse, to which she has practised proficiency in since Test-3105-6.

Result: N/A

Notes: Test terminated due to subject expiration.

Upon entering SCP-3105's chamber for Test-3105-8, Researcher Janssen noted that SCP-3105 had not moved from its provided bed for the past several hours in the fetal position. Concerned, Researcher Janssen attempted to rouse SCP-3105 with no success. She began to grow more frantic in her attempts, violently shaking SCP-3105 and shouting, but SCP-3105 remained still. Eventually Researcher Janssen was escorted from the room by security.

After examination, it appeared that SCP-3105's anomalous effects had dissipated, and now SCP-3105 was a non-anomalous human corpse. In light of this, SCP-3105's body was moved for autopsy which revealed it had somehow removed the rusted sword from its right hand and now held the replica flute Janssen had played in the tests. In its other hand it held the woven doll pressed to its chest.

On the nearby table, a message in Old Norse was carved crudely with what is presumed to be SCP-3105's broken sword. Roughly translated from Old Norse, the message reads as follows:

Thank you, kind Valkyrie. I see now you are not her. My mind is clear and my heart is light. I am coming, my love. Will you wait for me? My flower. My Sigrid.

Following an autopsy, no source for SCP-3105's anomalous properties could be identified. SCP-3105 has been reclassified as Neutralised, and its body placed in cold storage. Researcher Janssen has requested SCP-3105's remains be given proper funerary rites. This request is under review.

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