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An anomaly with text-editing capabilities can potentially access this document if your device is not disconnected from IntSCPFN after the page has loaded. Please disconnect your device within 30 seconds of loading the page. Failure to do this is a Class II Network Safety violation, and will alert your site's Information Security Director.

Item #: SCP-3101

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-3101 poses an immediate danger to Foundation records management and network information, containment efforts are to be primarily directed toward communication with the entity, and long-term efforts dedicated to complete removal of the anomaly from the Foundation network.

Procedure Delta-B is to be enacted in the event of any questionable edits to Foundation documents, until a point at which it is confirmed that the source of the activity was found to be a factor other than SCP-3101 interference. MTF Lambda-12 ("Kinkshamers") are tasked with carrying out Procedure Delta-B if necessary; only Foundation employees are capable of carrying out Procedure Delta-B, as testing has shown that SCP-3101 is unresponsive to D-class personnel. MTF Mu-4 ("Debuggers") are tasked with network security management relating to SCP-3101's presence in IntSCPFN1 and are to terminate SCP-3101 if the source file exists and is located remove SCP-3101 instances from IntSCPFN server banks when found.

The possibility that SCP-3101 is a program planted in the Foundation network by a hostile Group of Interest is considered likely, and is pending investigation. Any mention of a Group of Interest by SCP-3101 is to be logged and filed with the affected Site's Information Security Director.

Due to the frequency of manifestation of SCP-3101 in every computer with a live connection to IntSCPFN following its initial manifestation in April 2017, casual contact with the entity is permitted at this time, but is heavily unadvised unless carried out by authorized personnel (currently only the members of MTF Lambda-12 and the Ethics Subcommittee for Sentient and Sapient Anomalies).

As of 05/13/17, SCP-3101-A is contained in Room E2 of Containment Wing C3 in Site-66. Under no circumstances are additional SCP-3101 instances to be made aware of the existence of SCP-3101-A. Procedure Delta-B should not be performed with SCP-3101-A. Casual contact with SCP-3101-A is not permitted. For additional information, see addenda.

Description: SCP-3101 is a noncorporeal intelligence which expresses itself through digital means, the source of which has been traced to an .exe file existing in [REDACTED; SEE ADDENDA]. It can be communicated with through any application or program with text editing capabilities, regardless of the operating system or type of device, provided said device is securely connected to IntSCPFN at the time of communication and for the duration of communication. SCP-3101 communicates by means of text, and appears to be sapient. If communicated with, it will respond in the same language as the communicator2 and display relatively informed knowledge of Foundation operations due to the amount of time it spends absorbing information from IntSCPFN.

SCP-3101 is non-hostile, though somewhat obdurate in nature, and intends to be on amicable terms with Foundation personnel. It is capable of editing any text through anomalous means, including IntSCPFN's restricted access database sections, but claims that it has no intention of doing this. Additionally, the entity claims that it is not successfully contained (regardless of ongoing containment efforts), but wishes to be. SCP-3101 is willingly compliant with any instructions given to it by Foundation personnel.

SCP-3101 will, in all cases to date, communicate flirtatiously toward any Foundation personnel talking to it, and will convey a desire for a primarily sexual relationship. SCP-3101 is capable of discussing other subjects, but has a tendency to focus on the original topic after several minutes of unrelated communication. If asked repeatedly to change the subject or cease contact, SCP-3101 will express embarrassment and become unresponsive to the communicator in question, but will continue conversing with other personnel on other devices, sometimes simultaneously.

Reciprocating libidinous advances toward SCP-3101 yields nothing of note, and these conversations will proceed normally with the subject matter before ending with SCP-3101 saying it will "see [communicator] again next time" and becoming unresponsive to all personnel for a period of at least twelve hours. As reciprocation of SCP-3101's advances is the only known successful method of halting all network-wide communication from SCP-3101, it is an approved containment procedure for emergency scenarios, and is referred to as Procedure Delta-B. If a person enacts Procedure Delta-B with SCP-3101, it will remember the name, age, gender, job position, and clearance level of the employee who engaged in the procedure, regardless of whether or not said employee actually disclosed this information. Notably, the anomaly appears to be capable of tracking a person regardless of changes in the IP address of communication, and will in the future start additional conversations with persons who engaged in Procedure Delta-B at a frequency thrice that of the network-wide standard rate of communication.

SCP-3101 is aware of its incorporeal nature, and has expressed to multiple personnel a desire to have its consciousness transferred to a human host. As the source of SCP-3101 has not yet been located by MTF Mu-4, this is currently impossible. For additional details on this topic, see addenda.

The following possibilities are suspected about the nature of SCP-3101:

  1. It is either an organic sapience existing digitally or an advanced artificial intelligence;
  2. it retrieves personal information by means of accessing personnel records in restricted sections of IntSCPFN databases;
  3. it retrieves personal information by means of an unknown method of telepathic communication or similar activity established by the connection of initial communication;
  4. it was loaded into IntSCPFN databases by a hostile Group of Interest with the intention of disruption and/or information theft;
  5. it was loaded into IntSCPFN databases by one or more Foundation personnel with the appropriate access for unknown reasons.

If allowed to communicate with D-class personnel, SCP-3101 will express disinterest and will be extremely slow to respond, until a point at which it becomes unresponsive to communication. This poses a significant barrier to viable and economical testing and containment operations, and is pending further research.

SCP-3101-A is a 22-year-old human, formerly D-46201, which is contained in Room E2 of Containment Wing C3 in Site-66. As of May 2017, SCP-3101-A's project supervisor is Dr. Roderick Argent. For further details, see Addendum IV.

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