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Marker Point Alfa-1
of SCP-3100. Collapsed area not visible.

Item #: SCP-3100

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3100 is to remain cordoned off to civilians under the cover of ongoing research by the Geological Survey of South Africa (GSSA). Access to the surface site is granted to personnel with clearance level of 2/3100 or higher. Access to the subterranean portion of SCP-3100 is prohibited.

Description: SCP-3100 is a former secure Foundation site dedicated to the interment and indefinite preservation of deceased key personnel. It comprises an extensive natural cave system extending more than 900 metres downwards from a limestone outcrop in Gauteng province, South Africa. It contains more than 5 kilometres of naturally-formed passages lined with an estimated 4,000 niches measuring 210 x 70 x 60 cm (± 5 cm). Niches appear man-made, bearing precise dimensions and smoothed walls, despite their geological age indicating otherwise. SCP-3100 also comprises two man-made structures: the former administration building on the surface, and its attached residential outpost located 120 metres below.

The placing of a recently-deceased and intact human body1 inside any of the niches of SCP-3100 allows the free access of the deceased's memories by individuals within the cave complex. With training and sufficient use of mnestic drugs, this ability can be perfected, enabling the free retrieval of information known to the deceased, as well as emulating possible thoughts held by the deceased. Additionally, remains placed within SCP-3100 do not decompose. Using these effects, Foundation researchers were able to devise a protocol for preserving key personnel and holders of sensitive information, effectively retaining their memories and expertise for future reference after their deaths. The proposed protocol was reviewed and approved by the O5 Council in July 2012 under Project AMURTAT.

Under Project AMURTAT, over seven hundred Foundation personnel were interred within SCP-3100 from February to October 2012. Their memories were catalogued by the members of Task Force 707, a specially-selected group of senior operatives permanently housed within Area-707's subterranean outpost. In the interests of information security, members of Task Force 707 were the only individuals authorised to enter the actively anomalous portions of SCP-3100, and were thus also tasked with the interring of its occupants and exploration of its underground passages.

On the morning of 2012/10/06, during one such exploration, members of Task Force 707 activated a previously-unknown anomalous effect within SCP-3100, resulting in the loss of consciousness of 12 of the 13 task force members. Interviews with survivors have proved inconclusive due to self-administration of intravenous amnestic drugs. Intercepted communications at the time reporting of altered topology within SCP-3100's deeper levels could not be confirmed by surface GPR scans. Currently, due to the inaccessibility of SCP-3100's anomalous areas, it cannot be confirmed if SCP-3100 still retains its original effects, or if it has developed new effects following this incident. Proposals to clear the tunnels and explore SCP-3100, as well as rescue the remaining trapped member of Task Force 707, have been denied on safety grounds.

2011/09/14 - 2011/09/30: Discovery of anomalous location by local search and rescue. Embedded agents within local authorities interview witnesses and facilitate site acquisition through Foundation fronts. Cadaver-preserving properties of anomalous location are investigated and verified by initial containment team through use of local resources. Location is documented as SCP-3100.

2011/10/10: Handover of site to Foundation front Satie Logistics completed. Satie Logistics conducts initial exploration and mapping, discovering that SCP-3100 extends far deeper into the mountain surface than indicated by surface GPR. On-site research team fully catalogues SCP-3100's anomalous effects. Psychological effects experienced by initial exploration team are explained as psychic feedback due to accessing non-selfed memories stored within SCP-3100 without prior conditioning.

2011/11/02: Drawing from previous documentation on similar projects, Dr. M. Bruckner's secondary research team designs a psychopharmaceutical regimen enabling individuals with sufficient mental resilience to interface with SCP-3100.

2011/03 - 2011/12: Loss of key personnel due to unprecedented SCP-1718 escalation incident on 2011/02/02 leads to Overseer Council revisiting proposed personnel backup solutions. Fears of possible future escalation event leads O5-12 to attempt recovery of deceased key project researcher Dr. J. B. Hedley via any means possible. Subsequent investigation into SCP-3100 by the office of O5-12 in December 2011 yields promising results. The use of SCP-3100 for such a purpose is jointly proposed by O5-1, O5-3 and O5-12. Proposal is rejected at 4-9 votes.

2012/01/15: The office of O5-12 begins construction of Area-707. Task Force 707 is formed with thirteen full-time members, led by senior field operative Joshua Marsh.

2012/02/25: O5-12 unilaterally commences Project AMURTAT with trial stage of 32 applicants.

2012/04/10: Trial stage is successful. Size of initial intake is planned to be 72 in total. Initial list of AMURTAT-eligible personnel is compiled, consisting of 150 individuals.

2012/05/21: Commencement of initial intake of 49 individuals. Successful communication established with 92% of interred individuals. Successful validation of identity established with 61% of interred individuals.

2012/06/23: Commencement of second intake of 183 individuals. Successful communication established with 95% of interred individuals. Successful validation of identity established with 75% of interred individuals.

2012/07/01: Project AMURTAT is jointly reproposed by O5-1, O5-3, O5-6, and O5-12. Proposal is passed at 7-6 votes.

2012/09/26: Commencement of third intake of 538 individuals. Successful communication established with 100% of interred individuals. Successful validation of identity established with 100% of interred individuals. List of AMURTAT-eligible personnel expanded to cover a total of 692 key appointment holders and 1,308 subject-matter specialists.

2012/10/04: Task Force 707 reports difficulties in sustaining volume of personnel stored within SCP-3100. Three personnel possibly incapacitated due to neurochemical complications. According to standard information security protocols, incapacitated personnel are not evacuated until full RAISA team can be deployed on-site. As stopgap measure, reserve personnel are activated from Site-747. ETA of reserve personnel is 48 hours.

2012/10/06: Containment fails. [DATA EXPUNGED]

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