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Item #: SCP-3094

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The building containing SCP-3094 has been fenced off and is to be monitored at all times by security cameras and occasional patrols. Renovations to the outside of the building have been completed to deter people from attempting to explore the location due to its local reputation for being abandoned and haunted.

Description: SCP-3094 is an empty elevator shaft located within the former site of ████████ Aquarium and Conservatory. The shaft has a width of 4 m and a length of 5.5 m. It extends up to the third floor of the building, and descends to an unknown depth, though the building does not have a basement or any floor below the ground level. People and objects lowered into SCP-3094 are estimated to disappear completely at a depth of approximately 30 m below the ground floor entrance to the shaft. To this date, the only thing recovered from SCP-3094 is Agent Brandt.

The Foundation was alerted to SCP-3094 after an abnormal amount of missing person reports were filed in the area, including a police officer who investigated the building after multiple reports of individuals falling into the elevator shaft. Splashing sounds without any apparent source had been reported in the building for several decades. Several victims of drowning have also been found near the building over the years, with no nearby bodies of water or signs of the deceased individuals' bodies having been moved from another location.

An unmanned drone was sent into SCP-3094, but contact was lost with the drone at approximately 30 meters below the entrance to the shaft; at the same time that contact was lost, a loud splashing sound was heard. Under the assumption that the drone had fallen into a pool of water and malfunctioned, Agent Holm and Agent Brandt were then tasked with descending into SCP-3094 with waterproof recording equipment. Upon reaching 30 meters below the entrance to the shaft, contact was lost with both agents. Neither agent reported any abnormalities up to the point of disappearance. Further attempts to explore the shaft resulted in the loss of all equipment used.

Agent Brandt was later recovered in Libreville, Gabon, Africa. He claims he appeared somewhere in Pongara National Park, requiring him to hike for miles through the jungle until a park ranger found him and returned him to civilization. He had also managed to retain his waterproof audio recorder. While his voice is almost entirely inaudible, the rest of the audio was salvaged and seems to confirm Agent Brandt's account of his experience after disappearing into SCP-3094. An interview with Agent Brandt can be found below.

Recovered audio from Agent Brandt's recorder:

The transcript of the above audio file was prepared by Foundation sound and language specialists, with help from Agent Brandt. The mixed used of languages made transcribing the log difficult, even with Agent Brandt's input. Footnotes have been included on words that are unclear.

Addendum-1: Agent Brandt is currently under the care of Site 24's head psychiatrist, following a nervous breakdown he experienced a few days after his interview with Dr. Bekker. It is believed this breakdown was triggered when Agent Brandt discovered a marking or burn on his shoulder that resembles a raven's head. Further interviews with Agent Brandt are restricted at this time.

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