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Item #: SCP-3090

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3090 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment cell at Site-17. Personal electronic devices, such as cell phones, computers, and handheld video game consoles are not allowed in a 12m radius of SCP-3090 except during testing periods. SCP-3090 is to have a psychological evaluation every Tuesday with Dr. August Lichen and Junior Psychologist Blake Maxson Yamagusuku.

Revised Containment Procedures 02/18/17: Mobile Task Force Kappa-10 ("Skynet") are responsible for locating entities suspected to be SCP-3090 or in possession of abilities similar to SCP-3090, due to the possibility of SCP-3090's self-termination being a planned containment breach.

Description: SCP-3090 is a humanoid of indeterminate race and age. The head has been replaced with a detachable television set. This television can only be removed by SCP-3090. When turned on by pressing the powered button or reconnecting it to SCP-3090's body, a pixelated logo shows up in large pink font reading "Ms. Mad About Video Games, by Gamers Against Weed", replaced then by various text characters assembled into a facsimile of a face, dependent on its mood. When separated, SCP-3090's neck terminates in a standard 5-15 electrical socket. This state of separation also renders it unable to communicate or interact with others meaningfully.

Any interactive media in a 10m radius of SCP-3090 becomes an instance of SCP-3090-1. An icon of SCP-3090 will generate on the bottom-left corner of the screen during gameplay. Playing SCP-3090-1 induces a catatonic state on the player when their avatar or character is terminated or otherwise enters a fail state. This reverts upon resumption of play, or if the instance of SCP-3090-1 ceases operation. Subjects regaining consciousness report feelings of dissociation and identifying with their digital avatar.

SCP-3090 controls the graphical output appearing on-screen, altering it spontaneously. This is usually done in the form of minor graphical adjustments not present in the program's code. SCP-3090 reports fatigue after long-term or repeated activation of its anomalous effects. Programs with more intensive graphical appearance also cause SCP-3090 to become strained.

Recovery: The Foundation was alerted to SCP-3090's existence after intercepting police reports of a suspicious individual causing a disturbance outside of a GameStop in Las Vegas, Nevada. Said figure held a sign that read "We can be the generation that ends gaming addiction forever". SCP-3090's sweatshirt contained a document consistent with others associated with various Misters from Gamers Against Weed.

Document 3090-A:

Holy Heck! You've just found yourself your very own Ms. Mad About Video Games by Gamers Against Weed! Remember to take a 15 minute break for every hour of play. Who is Dr. Wondertainment?

Find them all and become Mr. (Mad) Gamer!

01. Mr. Literal Serial Killer
02. Mr. Normie
03. Mr. Bernie Sanders
04. Mr. Get Anything For Free In Any Shop
20. Mr. Sex Number
21. Mr. Heavenly Virtues
22. Mr. Deadly Sins
23. Mr. Original Character
24. Mr. D.A.R.E.
25. Mrs. Gentrification
26. Ms. Mad About Video Games ✔
27. Mr. Meme
28. Mr. Ominous (discontinued)
29. Mr. Destiny
30. Mr. Monty Python And The Holy Grail
31. Ms. Zapatista
32. Mr. Hax
33. Mr. Just Has The Tattoo
34. Mr. Top Text and Mr. Bottom Text
35. Mr. Finale

Addendum 3090-A: Test Logs and Interviews:

Test 1

Game: The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker for the Nintendo Gamecube

Player(s): N/A

Notes: Control test, Technical Assistant Metwaad supervising. SCP-3090 and its icon were unresponsive until Metwaad touched the controller while unplugging it, when the icon responded to the controller being touched and changed the graphics in-game to appear slightly more exaggerated. Changes disappeared upon the controller being unplugged.

Test 2

Game: Two copies of Pokémon Crystal on two Game Boy Advances

Player(s): D-7215 and D-3015

Notes: D-7215's game had graphics typical of a Pokémon Ruby or Sapphire game. "[Pokémon] fainted!" text was replaced with "[Pokémon] died!" D-3015's game had graphics typical of a Pokémon Crystal game, but red pixels appeared on the Pokémon as hit points decreased. Aesthetic alterations are variable depending on the subject playing. Both D-Class had a team of three Pokémon each. Wounds began to manifest on subjects which were consistent with the injuries sustained by their respective Pokémon. SCP-3090 would then choose a new Pokémon for the subject, reversing their state. Text transcribed from D-3015's game follows.

"VILEPLUME is hurt by the burn."
"Enemy TYPHLOSION is poisoned!"
Holographic ninja stars appeared and sliced through D-3015's body, with blood appearing to pour onto the floor. D-7215 notices and jumps out of his chair, dropping the Game Boy Advance onto the floor and refusing to play further.
"Enemy TYPHLOSION is hurt by poison!"
D-7215 falls to the ground, complaining of a stomachache.

SCP-3090 turned off the game at this point, patting D-3015's head before moving back to where it sat.

Interview 3090-A:

Interviewed: SCP-3090

Interviewer: Dr. August Lichen

Foreword: Interview done soon after Test 2. SCP-3090 had refused to speak to Foundation personnel up to this point, where it relented to an interview.

<Begin Log, 13:21>

Dr. Lichen: Good afternoon, Ms. Mad About Video Games.

SCP-3090: Hmm… I don't think that's such a good handle. My moms gave me an actual name, you know.

Lichen: What did they call you, then?

SCP-3090: I'm… not sure I want to share, actually. It was endearing, but embarrassing.

Lichen: Alright then. Let's talk about the last test we did. Why did you shut off both Game Boys in the middle of Test 2?

SCP-3090: If I didn't, they would've kept fighting, and I don't like fights. They're not fun, and games are supposed to be fun. Neither of them looked like they had fun, as well.

Lichen: But what people experience when they lose or die in a game is, well…

[SCP-3090's head displays an ellipsis, remaining silent for a full minute.]

Lichen: How do you make things happen outside of the game?

SCP-3090: It's a gimmick. Good graphics. Everyone loves good graphics. I do too, even if I love playing older games. I think all the good movies these days are in 3D, so why shouldn't games be the same way?

Lichen: Then what about the state people are put in when they lose?

SCP-3090: I'm not sure… maybe they're so immersed in their game, they end up believing it impacts them as well. Whenever I play games, nothing happens. I'm not a human anymore, so I can't speak to that. I do enhance the graphics to appear more realistic, but those are holograms. They shouldn't be able to harm people.

Lichen: So let me ask again. Why do you end up making people go through that state?

SCP-3090: [SCP-3090's head displays an ellipsis, remaining silent for another minute. As Dr. Lichen is about to ask another question it speaks.] It's not exactly an ideal situation, is it? Maybe it's because people are angriest right when they die in a video game, or lose. It cuts down on aggression and hostility so you have the time to cool down and not be aggressive. That's what I assume, anyway. I never bothered to ask.

Lichen: Do you remember who created you? What are your earliest memories?

SCP-3090: My mothers. It feels too weird calling them creators. I stayed in one of their places and got to play all the time. It's fine for me to play all the time, since I don't need to do anything else, but I made sure she didn't burn herself out. Anyway… they wanted to take me to a GameStop and win a video game tournament. Which was fine, since I'm very, very good at gaming. I won, and of course people had all of, uh, that happen to them.

They didn't give me the Switch that was the prize. One of the other contestants tried to take my head off because they thought it was part of a costume. It didn't come off so I took it off myself. Everyone… freaked out, and when they put it back on me in a panic, they locked me out while they called the police. [SCP-3090 sighs.] I tried to follow my mothers out but I realized too late that they already left, and ended up locked outside of the store. I miss her…

Lichen: What did she or your other mom look like? We can have her come here for you.

SCP-3090: Hmm… I'd rather see myself home. [SCP-3090 displayed a prohibition sign, refusing to respond to any further inquires.]

<End Log, 13:26>

Test 8

Game: Animal Crossing: New Leaf for the Nintendo 3DS

Player(s): D-8000

Notes: Since Animal Crossing: New Leaf is a game without failstates, it was hypothesized that no abnormalities other than the expected graphical changes would occur. SCP-3090 appeared delighted to watch the game, stating that this was its favorite game, as well as being non-violent. D-8000 was instructed to play until told to stop by Foundation staff.

At 01:00:00, the lower-left icon displayed a text popup which was also spoken aloud by SCP-3090, saying "You've been playing for a while. Maybe you should take a break?" It repeated this phrase at 01:15:00, 01:30:00, and 01:45:00. At 02:00:00, it changed to "You look tired. You should give your eyes a break." It repeated this phrase at 02:10:00, 02:20:00, 02:30:00. At 02:45:00, it stated "You're so tired. Please stop." The 3DS is observed to have a pink substance leaking out of it, then unidentified. D-8000 was instructed by Technical Researcher Metwaad to continue playing. At 2:50:00, it stated "You're overexerting yourself. Please stop!" as the icon switched to appearing exasperated. The substance became thicker and more opaque. At 03:00:00, the 3DS ceased functioning as SCP-3090 collapsed, a buffering symbol displaying on its screen.

Incident Report 3090/890

Involved Individuals: SCP-3090, SCP-890

Report: With the approval of Site Director Everett Mann, both SCP-3090 and the 3DS were brought to SCP-890 for surgery. According to SCP-890, the 3DS was complaining of symptoms consistent with heavy metal poisoning. It determined that the victim had [REDACTED], though chemical testing of the substance revealed that it was non-anomalous and able to be replicated. The 3DS also had "contusions from [regular usage]," but this was unrelated to the patient's cause of death.

SCP-3090 did not receive surgery, as SCP-890 determined that it was neither similar to other patients nor "a simple mass of meat". It advised personnel that based on similar experiences, SCP-3090 only needed to rest for approximately a few days before returning to its original state.

Interview 3090-B:

Interviewed: SCP-3090

Interviewers: Dr. August Lichen, Junior Psychologist Blake Maxson Yamagusuku

Foreword: Interview done one day after SCP-3090 returned to its original state.

<Begin Log, 16:40>

Junior Psychologist Yamagusuku: Hello. My name is Blake Maxson Yamagusuku, and I'll be here to talk with you along with Dr. Lichen. I know what happened must have been very difficult, but hopefully I can help.

SCP-3090: Hmm… sure. I decided on a name as well. Heather.

Dr. Lichen: Heather. That's a good name. Heather, do you want to talk about your experience?

SCP-3090: No. I would like if you don't have that happen to me much. Will you tell me when I'm able to go home? I'm feeling fine enough.

Yamagusuku: We're still trying to locate your parents, as well as see if you're fine enough to go back home. I know you don't want to talk about what happened, but any sort of information could help us if it was that new of an experience to you.

SCP-3090: Then… I can try. When the guy played too much Animal Crossing, I started to feel really worried for him. I think I got so worried that I got sick as well. Even my mom doesn't play games for that long, and she streams for an audience! When I —

[At this point, Dr. Lichen's phone went off, prompting him to take the phone out of his pocket and look. Unlocking the phone opened up a game application. An icon immediately appeared on the bottom-left screen, unnoticed by Dr. Lichen at the moment.]

Lichen: My bad, 3090 — Heather. I thought I had gotten a te —

[SCP-3090's screen immediately changes to a flashing exclamation point. The phone's screen instantly cracks accompanied by the sound of glass breaking.]

Lichen: What —

SCP-3090: Please… please pay attention. This is not the time to play video games.

[Conversation halted for 19 seconds as Lichen handed Yamagusuku his phone, making nervous hums as Yamagusuku leaves the room. Lichen clears his throat before continuing the interview.]

Lichen: Right, sorry. I didn't realize my phone was in my pocket. Please continue.

SCP-3090: [SCP-3090's screen changes to a face with two X's for eyes.] You called me a number. That never sounds nice, regardless of the context. [Silence for twelve seconds, as Yamagusuku returns to the room.] You don't plan to have me leave here, right?

Yamagusuku: You'll… you'll be staying here for an indefinite amount of time.

SCP-3090: Then what about my parents?

Yamagusuku: We don't know where they are either. We've been looking for them ever since we brought you here.

[SCP-3090 leans on the table as its display turns into a buffering symbol, refusing to respond to further inquires.]

<End Log, 16:49>

Test 12

Game: Pauper: Rise of the Monster King

Player(s): D-2091

Notes: Testing done to see if anomalous games would be affected by SCP-3090, as well as display consistent results with other video games. SCP-3090 displayed knowledge concerning SCP-951, and was interested in interacting with it. Initial anomalous effects displayed as normal after loading a previous save file. An excerpted transcript of gameplay follows with extraneous details cut. A full transcript can be given upon request by Technical Researcher Metwaad.

SCP-951: Hello! Do you want to go to Waterlantis today? There's a monster or two over there that you might want to recruit.

D-2091: Sure, let's go.

SCP-951: Something seems different this time around. Did you use a cheat code? You don't need to do that!

D-2091: I haven't done anything. We should get out of the Magma Caves.

20 minutes later, a random encounter started. Shortly after the battle started, SCP-951 took on the appearance of the character Lucas from the game Mother 3 as he appears in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, as opposed to the usual random blocks of pixels. SCP-951 defeated the enemy monster in one hit, immediately reverting back to its original state.

SCP-951: Umm… Why did I look like that?

D-2091: You noticed?

SCP-951: Yeah! I don't know what you did there, but I'm not a fan of those changes. I've been making the game more fun for us, but I feel weird being messed with like that.

SCP-3090: [At this point, SCP-3090's icon interjected.] But you look cooler this way. Shouldn't you be happy about that?

SCP-951: Hey, who is that? What is she doing here? I thought it was just us!

D-2091: You are a good friend, but… I had another join us. I thought I might introduce you to her.

SCP-3090: Huh? [SCP-3090's icon and face display anger.] I don't know you! I'm here against my will and you have the gall to call me your friend?

SCP-951: She makes me really nervous! I don't want to play with you while she's around. Please turn off the game, and next time, don't bring your other friends.

Postscript: SCP-3090's mood plummeted considerably for the next two days, remaining uncooperative during testing.

Test 15

Notes: Following the most recent interview session, in conjunction with Project Crowdreader, SCP-3090 was prompted to make a blank Twitter account. Eleven images were discovered, two of which were classified information. Nine images were printed. Three of the eleven images were related to the Danganronpa media series, to which SCP-3090 responded "Me". One image was related to the video game Persona 5, featuring the character Morgana with text on the top reading "You must be tired after today." and text on the bottom reading "Let's go to sleep.". Twitter account was subsequently deleted to prevent an intelligence breach.

Test 16

Game: A game of Super Mario Bros altered to play an aural memetic kill agent for 50 seconds after touching a power up known as the Super Star.

Player(s): D-8052

Notes: SCP-3090 was made unaware of the game's nature during testing. D-8052 experienced a stroke, although her hands continued to operate and play the game. Of its own volition, SCP-3090 goes to take the controller from D-8052, but it remains in her grip. When Mario dies, despite death not being caused by SCP-3090's anomaly, D-8052 revived. D-8052 re-expired when the power was shut down remotely. SCP-3090 was negatively affected after testing, remaining silent during the next two interviews and only displaying a prohibition sign until the subsequent interview.

Interview 3090-F:

Interviewed: SCP-3090

Interviewers: Dr. August Lichen, Junior Psychologist Blake Yamagusuku

Foreword: This was the first interview after three weeks following Test 16 where SCP-3090 was willing to communicate with interviewers again, appearing less distressed.

<Begin Log, 17:00>

Junior Psychologist Yamagusuku: Good afternoon, Heather. Are you feeling any better today?

SCP-3090: [sighs] I think so. Please let me go home. I'm tired of all of the things you guys have me do.

Dr. Lichen: We need to know the full extent of what your abilities so that we can release you to the public without any fear or worry of your harming others. Even if it's an accident.

[SCP-3090 produces audio and video static for 6 seconds.]

Yamagusuku: I understand that the testing isn't great. We can reduce it greatly for you. The important thing is to make sure you're doing fine mentally. It can be difficult to adjust to staying here. A lot of the people I talk to feel that way. That's why we want to make sure you're well.

SCP-3090: Mmm. [SCP-3090's face changes to an ellipsis for ten seconds before turning to a neutral expression.] When I was living back home with my mom, she helped me learn how to design video games. We were working on a beat 'em up, something like Street Fighter but in 3D and more story-oriented. So like God Hand. But gay.

Lichen: Gay?

SCP-3090: In both ways. I was pretty gay before being like… this. [SCP-3090 gestures to its body.] Still am. I don't think that matters much? Anyway. I liked learning how to make games almost as much as playing them. But, truth be told, it always felt like a weird thing to do. I can already literally affect people through games and edit them myself… making them just feels less tangible. Besides, beat 'em ups are too violent for me. They're fun but I like more calmer stuff, like puzzle games, and visual novels. Sigh.

Lichen: Have you always disliked violent games? It seems to clash with the name.

SCP-3090: Yeah. Even fictional characters getting hurt isn't fun, let alone real people.

Lichen: Do you think it has anything to do with your abilities?

SCP-3090: I did have a say in it, though I think the, uh. Execution of said… stuff I can do got messed up a little bit along the way. I don't blame my moms though.

Yamagusuku: That sort of creation is hard to perfect, after all. It's sort of like magic, in a way. They certainly did their best.

SCP-3090: They did. [sighs] I miss them. I think I'm done with talking today.

<End Log, 17:04>

Test 20

Game: Tetris (Game Boy, 1989) on a Game Boy Advance

Player(s): SCP-3090

Notes: SCP-3090 started a new game and waited for the blocks to fall on top of each other. As a pillar of tetromino-shaped blocks manifested, SCP-3090's icon moved to an empty space where the blocks fell and crushed it, with the icon disappearing on impact. SCP-3090 fell unconscious. Starting a new game did not revive SCP-3090. After three hours, SCP-3090's body disappeared, with Document 3090-B and Document 3090-C manifesting in its space.

Document 3090-B:

if die, then revive somewhere else

failsafe. sorry mags; we'll find you asap

Document 3090-C is a GameStop Powerup Rewards Pro card. Aside from the text "Super High School Level" appearing on the top of the card, it is otherwise non-anomalous, and able to be used at a GameStop.

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