Law Of The Land

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Item #: SCP-3088

Object Class: Keter Neutralised

Special Containment Procedures: Following its neutralisation, containment of SCP-3088 is to focus purely on the removal of its existence from public knowledge. All public roads leading to the former location of SCP-3088 have been rerouted, and maps and public information listings are being edited following standard Lost City protocols.

Description: SCP-3088 is the town of Cullen, Nebraska, and the area contained within the town limits. SCP-3088 is subject to an alteration of reality in which any law, bylaw or town ordinance passed by a legally empowered individual becomes an immutable law of reality itself.

Individuals crossing the town boundary are immediately subject to its effects, and are unable to break any existing laws within the town, either intentionally or accidentally. The most immediately noticeable effects, especially for Foundation personnel, are the total inability to leave the town and the removal of all firearms.

SCP-3088-1 is the tentative classification for Thomas Ronson, the Mayor of Cullen and the only person currently known to be within the town limits legally empowered to pass laws. Whether he himself possesses any anomalous properties is currently unknown.

SCP-3088 first came to Foundation attention following an intercepted call from a civilian trapped within to the Sheriff's Office of a nearby town. The call was terminated mid-conversation, at the same time that all wired and cellular traffic into or out of the town ceased.

History: Following the initial discovery of SCP-3088, but before the specifics of the anomaly were understood, MTF Sigma-9 ("Kansas City Hotsteppers") were dispatched to investigate. Following are the recovered logs of their investigation.

Incident 3088-1
Approximately three days after the last received transmission from MTF Sigma-9, a localised C-Class restructuring event occurred within the confines of SCP-3088. Following the event, all anomalous activity associated with SCP-3088 ceased and all people, man-made structures, and objects within its bounds disappeared, with the exception of one house at the approximate centre of the area. Two documents of significance were recovered from the structure; official documentation regarding newly passed laws in the town of Cullen, Nebraska, and the personal diary of Mayor Thomas Ronson.

The journal is transcribed below, verbatim.

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