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Item #: SCP-3087

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3087's position is to be continually tracked and updated in intervals not exceeding four hours. SCP-3087's prior position and trajectory are used to predict its believed current position, which is then validated by monitoring surrounding communications for cases of missing vehicles.

Any vehicle which meets the criteria to be affected by SCP-3087 and is projected to pass through it is to be diverted. All missing vehicles believed to have been affected by SCP-3087 are to be logged, and SCP-3087 is to be continually searched for their reappearance. If one reappears, all surviving passengers are to be detained and processed as per standard procedures.

Every three months, one public transportation vehicle containing no more than thirty passengers is to be allowed to pass through SCP-3087.

Description: SCP-3087 is a circular area covering approximately 1000 km2, in which anomalous phenomena affect overnight public transportation carrying more than ten passengers. SCP-3087 is mobile and moves at a constant rate of approximately 8 m/s. Vehicles affected by SCP-3087 disappear. This disappearance is permanent in 64% of cases; in the remaining 36%, the vehicle will reappear within 3 to 25 hours. Vehicles which reappear do so at night within SCP-3087. It is impossible to perceive or communicate with affected vehicles during their disappearance. A limited amount of information regarding SCP-3087’s effects has been gathered from interviews with recovered passengers and recordings taken by explorative Foundation operatives.

Once they have disappeared, affected vehicles travel through a series of anomalous locations. Several anomalous humanoid entities, collectively designated SCP-3087-1, appear aboard the vehicle as it travels (a list of all observed instances can be found in Document-3087-04). Passengers also experience abnormally powerful insomnia or hypersomnia, and exhibit increased rates of sleep paralysis if they reappear.

When first discovered, SCP-3087’s size was approximately 400 km2; after containment was initiated, its area grew to its present size. Initial containment procedures prevented any vehicles from passing through SCP-3087. After revising containment procedures to allow for infrequent passage, the area's growth stopped.


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