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Item #: SCP-3085-ARC

Object Class: Neutralized (Formerly Keter)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3085 is currently held in Site-55's Humanoid Containment Wing. Medically trained personnel are to clean, change, and re-apply the entity's EGD tube, a type of feeding tube.1 every day on first shift change. General anesthetics are to be administered every 5 hours to keep the entity in a comatose state.

In the event SCP-3085 wakes up, researchers in observation are to restrain and administer tranquilizers as needed until SCP-3085 is subdued.

Description: SCP-3085 is an approximately 90-year-old Hispanic male with short white hair, tan skin, and a birthmark under its left eye; currently suffering from Stage 7 Alzheimer's disease. When conscious, the entity displays symptoms of extreme regression; having lost the ability to swallow and speak, and responds with fear towards personnel it has known for over 40 years.

SCP-3085 is a Class 4 reality bender, capable of altering its appearance and its immediate area. Though the entity was capable of controlling its abilities earlier in its life, its age and mental health have rendered it unable to do so reliably. For its safety and the safety of Foundation personnel, Containment Specialist Rivers has deemed it imperative for SCP-3085 to be placed in a medically induced coma.

On ██/██/2017, the entity disappeared from its containment chamber. Video surveillance of the chamber shows SCP-3085 jolting up in its bed and contorting as if in pain. A black orb manifested before the entity, which grew visibly calm before reaching out to the orb. SCP-3085 proceeded to slowly be absorbed by the orb until the entity completely disappeared.

Further information regarding SCP-3085 and its history with the Foundation is available in the accompanying files.

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