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Item #: SCP-3085

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3085 is currently located in Room 1221-D at Site-55's former Humanoid Containment Wing. All entities housed in the wing have been relocated to Site-23. Access to SCP-3085 is restricted to senior researchers with Level 4 clearance and cognitohazard resistance training.

Description: SCP-3085 is a grey sphere floating 1.5m above the ground and currently measuring about 1.5m in diameter. The chamber occupied by the anomaly is white and emits a bright light from an unknown source, which will not create shadows. The aforementioned appearance of the chamber is part of the object's anomalous effect, as the room was a humanoid containment chamber prior to SCP-3085's manifestation.

In addition to its space-altering properties, SCP-3085 possesses a cognitohazardous effect upon viewing. Subjects exposed to the anomaly report a calming and soothing sensation as well as non-pessimistic existential nihilistic thoughts such as the acceptance of death, an absence of death anxiety, etc. SCP-3085 will then non-verbally communicate to those under its effects the choice in their existence; allowing them to end their life by their own decision. The effect is not compulsive and to date, only willing subjects may choose to end their life by coming into physical contact with SCP-3085.1 Physical contact with SCP-3085 by willing subjects will result in the instant cessation of all life functions, with the rapid dematerialization of the body taking place within 45 seconds.

Addendum 3085.01- Interview with affected personnel

Interviewed: Researcher Fye

Interviewer: Dr. Hewitt

Foreword: Researcher Fye was exposed to SCP-3085 and refused its offer; being the first to do so. The interview was conducted 20 minutes following exposure to the anomaly.

<Begin Log>

Hewitt: Hello, Researcher Fye. How are you feeling?

Fye: Good afternoon, Doctor. I'm doing well enough, I suppose. How about yourself?

Hewitt: Excellent, thank you. Now, I see on this testing log submitted by Lead Researcher Wilde that you volunteered to be exposed to SCP-3085. Is this correct?

Fye: Yes, Doctor.

Hewitt: And you did this being fully aware of SCP-3085's properties?

Fye: Yes, Doctor.

Hewitt: I was told you said SCP-3085 made you an offer. Can you tell me about that?

Fye: Well… I don't really know how to put it, but I'll try. Before I stepped into its room, I was a different person than who I am now. Looking at it, it just made me feel like nothing mattered; and my only choice was deciding when I could die. I knew that by touching SCP-3085 I'd be able to die by my own volition. It didn't really make me an offer, so much as just made me aware of what I said earlier.

Hewitt: I see. Why did you volunteer to interact with SCP-3085?

(There is silence for five seconds as Researcher Fye shifts in his chair.)

Fye: Well… I suppose I had been feeling 'down', as one might say. You know how it is working here, it's not exactly the cheeriest of environments. But anyway, I wasn't doing well and was starting to have really dark thoughts…

Hewitt: Were you considering suicide?

Fye: I was, yes.

Hewitt: (Taking notes) Okay. Please continue.

Fye: So as I was saying, it was getting to a point where I couldn't deal with the stress of working here, and everything in my life… The typical stuff, I guess. Then Dr. Hart had the idea that maybe SCP-3085 didn't have a compulsive effect and the D-Class we had thrown at it just wanted to get out… Heh. I can't say I blame them, to be honest. So I volunteered to test it.

Hewitt: Now, given how you were feeling prior, why didn't you accept SCP-3085's offer?

Fye: The thing is, Doctor, I had every intention of doing it. After it showed me how pointless life is, I thought there really was no point. It made sense. Everything dies eventually; you, me, all of us. We aren't asked if we want to live, we're forced into it. The only choice we have is to let this life go on or end it when we want to.

(Researcher Fye pauses, taking a deep breath.)

Fye: But then… That can't really be right, now, can it? I thought about my dog back home, and how she has brought me so much joy. Is her life meaningless? She has enriched mine, and I can only hope I'm enriching her's as well as the lives of those around me. I guess SCP-3085 is right; life is meaningless. But I figure it's up to me to give it meaning. That's why I chose to live.

Hewitt: You must love your dog a lot.

Fye: Very much so.

Hewitt: Well, that would be all for me. Thank you for your time, Researcher Fye. I'm glad you're still with us, and I'm sure your dog is too.

Fye: Not a problem. And trust me, I'm glad too. When I get home today she is going to get all the lovings in the world.

<End Log>

Note: SCP-3085 has been classified using the same designation as the (now Neutralized) entity believed to be responsible for its creation. Archived data of the original SCP-3085 is available below.

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