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Item #: SCP-3083

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The orbit of the SCPS Kama has been altered to allow for easier monitoring of SCP-3083. The status of SCP-3083 is to be checked once daily, and its orientation noted if an activation event has occurred. SCP-3083-1 should always be retrieved if present, however samples of SCP-3083 need only be taken if its form is visibly altered. SCP-3083-1 instances are to be transferred to Site-22 during routine cargo exchanges with the Kama and stored in a secure locker.

As SCP-3083 is too small to be observed by amateur telescopes, disinformation campaigns need only be directed at major observatories. As the number of independent sightings since containment has been miniscule, disinformation is considered a Foxtrot-Omega Priority containment task.

Investigation into possible anomalous activity regarding Researcher Benich has concluded as of 14/05/2017, with negative results. Doctor Benich is not to be informed of the existence of SCP-3083.

Description: SCP-3083 appears to be the severed head of Researcher Corey Benich, in geosynchronous orbit above Site-22. SCP-3083 exhibits none of the expected effects of prolonged exposure to Earth's uppermost exosphere, allowing for easy sampling of biological material from the wound. Attempts to move SCP-3083 from its position have been unsuccessful.

After a period of time between 20 and 72 hours, SCP-3083 will undergo an alteration event, rotating to face a different direction. In 14% of activation events, SCP-3083 also alters its physical form; 72% of activation events include the generation of SCP-3083-1.

SCP-3083-1 are small1 objects that manifest within 1 meter of SCP-3083 after alteration events. A partial list of SCP-3083-1 can be found below.

Addendum: Notable SCP-3083 Instances

Date of Recovery Description Notes
08/09/2015 Human male head, short brown hair, neck severed 6 cm below hyoid bone from apparent explosion First discovered instance; used as visual baseline for human instances. Genetic testing a >99% match with Dr. Benich.
18/04/2016 Green and blue mottled skin similar covered in smooth scales, eyes ovoid with black sclera, lack of nares, mass of ten tentacles at crown of skull in place of hair Genetic testing negative.
21/04/2016 Features generally human, but skin covered in bristly fur
13/09/2016 Appears to be a head of Sus scrofa2 Genetic testing a >98% match with Dr. Benich.
15/08/2017 Same as baseline, but shrunk by a factor of 2.3

Note: No non-human instance of SCP-3083 has ever been observed more than once.

Addendum: Notable SCP-3083-1 Instances

Date of Recovery Description Notes
08/09/2015 Foundation-issue ID tag, identifying Corey Benich as a "Foundation Magus Level 3,"3 male,4 born in Roanoke Falls, Virginia5 85% of recovered SCP-3083-1 instances have been Foundation-issue ID tags. Identification has been generally consistent,6 with occasional variation in "Magus Level".
16/09/2015 Foundation standard-issue pill bottle containing 12 pills Pills found to contain galactan in powder form. Usage unknown.
17/09/2015 Men's eyeglasses, black frames Only time eyeglasses have appeared as SCP-3083-1 not attached to face. Occurrence of eyeglasses in 4% of alteration events. Dr. Benich has 20/20 vision.
04/12/2015 USB flash drive Unknown capacity. Insertion into computer terminal resulted in internal fire and total failure of terminal. Object not currently in storage; location unknown.
30/07/2016 Photograph depicting four humanoids in various states of decay, posing and smiling for the camera Corresponding SCP-3083 instance appeared within 95% similarity of baseline.
19/02/2017 Ballpoint click pen Logo does not correspond to any known company. Ink changes colors approximately every two seconds while writing. Due to negligence, item last seen approaching Saturn; retrieval considered low priority.
18/04/2017 Resembles snack bar wrapper, features writing in an abjad similar to Hebrew Writing has yet to be translated; materials testing inconclusive.
20/06/2017 Handwritten note Language is a descendant of Aramaic, written in Phoenecian alphabet. Sequence of numbers written as words. When entered as a telephone number, reaches a cafe in the Maldives. Further testing prohibited.

Addendum: Incident 3083-01

On 11/05/2017, Dr. Benich was given a full medical examination, as part of the ongoing investigation. A lump was discovered in her neck, and she stated that she was experiencing minor pains and growing difficulty in swallowing. Emergency surgery resulted in excision of a 2.4 cm tumor from Dr. Benich's thyroid. Chemotherapy was not considered necessary. As of 17/06/2017, Dr. Benich is fully recovered and has returned to normal duties.

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