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Item #: SCP-3080

Object Class: Euclid Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3080-1 and -2 are to be kept in adjacent humanoid containment cells at Site-██. They are to be permitted to interact with each other under supervision for 90 minutes each day.

Personnel assigned to SCP-3080 should either be aromantic or in stable romantic relationships. These personnel are to undergo weekly counseling sessions, together with their romantic partners if applicable. If any person assigned to SCP-3080 begins displaying symptoms of its effects, they are to be reassigned elsewhere.

Updated Containment Procedures ██/██/2017: SCP-3080-1 is to be kept in a humanoid containment cell other than the one in which it or SCP-3080-2 was previously contained. It is to be given weekly psychiatric therapy, and is currently on suicide watch. Requests for items such as media for entertainment may be approved at the discretion of its psychiatrist.

Description: SCP-3080 was the designation for several anomalous phenomena surrounding the romantic relationship between Drs. Catherine and Simon ███████, designated SCP-3080-1 and -2, respectively. They were formerly Foundation-employed researchers who declared a consensual romantic and sexual relationship with Site-██ Human Resources on ██/██/2014, and later married on ██/██/2015, shortly before the designation of SCP-3080.

When separated for extended periods of time, SCP-3080-1 and -2 became increasingly desperate to interact with each other, and exhibited anomalous strength and endurance when attempting to reunite.

After SCP-3080-1 and -2 declared their relationship, any person who spent a significant amount of time1 interacting with SCP-3080-1 and/or -2 exhibited consistent changes in mood and personality. Among these were an intense romantic attraction to either SCP-3080-1 or -2, and disdain for and jealousy of the other, sometimes accompanied by violent urges.

The choice of one or the other was typically, but not always, consistent with the subject's prior romantic preferences; aromantic individuals apparently chose at random. While some subjects also expressed sexual attraction to SCP-3080-1 or -2, it was comparatively rare, and not believed to be correlated with the anomalous properties of SCP-3080.

Likewise, SCP-3080-1 and -2 did not exhibit any anomalous strength or endurance when only prevented from engaging in sexual activity, given that they were permitted to speak with and see each other for at least 90 minutes per day.

SCP-3080-1 and -2 were also the focal point of several events which, while not impossible, are generally considered very unlikely, especially given their unusual frequency. These are summarized in Document 3080-A.

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