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Item #: SCP-3078

Object Class: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: As all known SCP-3078 instances have been neutralized and long-term containment of SCP-3078 is not possible, only preventative measures are currently in place. Foundation webcrawlers are to scan the internet for criteria indicating possible SCP-3078 manifestations. Upon detection, Foundation hackers will attempt to remove all instances as fast as possible. No testing is to be performed at this time.

Description: SCP-3078 designates one or more self-replicating cognitohazardous digital images. When a human being views an instance of SCP-3078, subjects will feel an intense compulsion to laugh for an indefinite amount of time. Subjects will not be able to inhale during this period, and affected subjects have expired due to suffocation in all cases. After expiration, face muscles will still retain a smile, and lungs will still move as if expelling air in short, quick bursts. Once every hour, all SCP-3078 instances will duplicate by undergoing a SCP-3078-Kahnert event, which is described below. Deleting the data of the instance from the web server it is stored on will neutralize the instance and cease its anomalous properties. Digital and physical copies of any form of instances will not display any anomalous effects.

After initial manifestation of SCP-3078, the appearance of all images was reported to change 6 times prior to total neutralization. All iterations of SCP-3078 can be found below.

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