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Item #: SCP-3074

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation personnel are to work with the Ukrainian government to ensure that the building containing SCP-3074-A remains isolated and under quarantine. Entry into this building requires a minimum of Level-3 clearance.

Description: SCP-3074 is the Izotova Parking Center, an underground car park located beneath an office building in Pripyat, Ukraine.1 There are no records of its existence until its discovery by the Foundation in 1988.

SCP-3074-A is a freight elevator used to access the first floor of SCP-3074. Pressing its only button will lower the elevator into SCP-3074. At this point, it becomes impossible to locate its occupants via GPS signal. Communication via cellphone and radio are possible, but unreliable.

As of now, no means of entering SCP-3074 outside of the operation of SCP-3074-A has been found. In addition, SCP-3074-A will not return to the surface until it is completely empty and its doors are shut. Efforts to devise a method of safely leaving SCP-3074 (either via SCP-3074-A or via alternative means) are underway.


An instance of SCP-3074-B.

SCP-3074-B instances are electronic kiosks stationed on every floor. Each kiosk includes a phone receiver, a keypad, an LCD screen, a coin slot, a card slot, a printer, and instructions.2 When the phone receiver is lifted, an internal line will ring three times; it will then be answered by SCP-3074-C.

SCP-3074-C is the voice of an unidentified entity. An investigation to determine its nature and whereabouts is currently underway.

One floor of SCP-3074 is 0.72-hectares (1.8 acres) in area, and contains 215 parking spaces. On the first floor, a ramp on the north end leads down to the next level. Each successive level has two ramps (one going down, one going up). Every level after the first shows increasing signs of decay and dysfunction, including broken light fixtures, inoperable SCP-3074-B instances, and barricades constructed of abandoned vehicles. These barricades are typically found obstructing ramps leading down.

Although efforts are ongoing to determine the amount of levels below SCP-3074's first floor, evidence suggests the number is well above 100.

Addendum 3074.1: The following logs are samples of audio recovered from compact cassette tapes found in the offices above SCP-3074. All dialogue is translated from Ukrainian.

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