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Item #: SCP-3070

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation assets within the International Astronomical Union and its Minor Planet Center are to monitor name choices for newly discovered minor planets. Changes to the names of any minor planet require Level 4/3070 authorization. Foundation orbital task forces and satellites will routinely monitor cataloged minor planets, though the existence of approximately 460,000 such objects prevents full monitoring.

All SCP-3070-A that manifest are to be retrieved by Orbital Task Force ञ-12 ("Little Princes"). Following analysis, objects may either be stored at Heliocentric Area-16 or destroyed following Level 4/3070 personnel review.

Description: SCP-3070 is a phenomenon affecting minor planets1 orbiting the sun that have been categorized by the International Astronomical Union's Minor Planet Center — primarily those designated with a number and a name. The phenomenon causes objects (designated SCP-3070-A) related to the minor planet's IAU designation to manifest either in orbit2 or on the surface of the body. This manifestation has never been directly observed. Instances of SCP-3070-A display various anomalous properties while on or orbiting the minor planet; these properties cease after relocation.

Currently 437 minor planets have been affected by SCP-3070. No minor planets have been affected twice.

Addendum.1 - Notable Incidents:

Minor Planet: 262419 Suzaka
3070-A Discovery Date: 15-September-2013

Description: 1:1000 scale limestone models of all buildings present in Suzaka, Japan were orbiting the asteroid in a single ring formation.

Minor Planet: 1981 Midas
3070-A Discovery Date: 29-October-2013

Description: 288 golden conical pillars (91cm long and 23mm wide at the base) were embedded on the asteroid's surface, forming 4 concentric dodecagons.

Minor Planet: 399979 Lewseaman
3070-A Discovery Date: 10-July-2013

Description: Three bronze cylinders (14m long and 19cm wide) displaying the logo of General Electrics on each end were embedded on the minor planet's surface.

Minor Planet: 124192 Moletai
3070-A Discovery Date: 17-May-2014

Description: A 1:50 scale replica of the Molėtai Astronomical Observatory, made of the same materials as the asteroid, was following a rapidly changing elliptical orbit around the body. The SCP-3070-A instance collided with 124192 Moletai and was destroyed as recovery efforts began.

Minor Planet: 495827
3070-A Discovery Date: 4-December-2016

Description: 168 renditions of the number 495827 were inscribed on the astronomical body's surface, written in differing fonts and sizes.

Minor Planet: 882 Swetlana
3070-A Discovery Date: 9-December-2016

Description: Six 100m-tall and 2m-wide pillars of deceased Carcinoscorpius rotundicauda3 were connected to the asteroid. The legs of each cadaver were fused to those of the bodies around it.

Note: No explanation of 882 Swetlana's name is known.

Minor Planet: 54439 Topeka
3070-A Discovery Date: 12-December-2016

Description: 233,870 tendrils of assorted eye tissue, each of differing length (maximum of 24m), extended from asteroid. Genetic tests of a sample of the tendrils suggested that each one correlated to a resident of Topeka, Kansas during the time of the 2010 United States Census. All tendrils dissolved on 17-December-2016.

Minor Planet: 672 Astarte
3070-A Discovery Date: 21-December-2016

Description: 12 rings of a fluid composed of human egg cells, liquid carbon dioxide, and Panthera leo bleyenberghi4 blood were orbiting the minor planet. The fluids froze and dispersed after two days. Genetic analysis of the blood revealed the presence of chemicals similar to DNA, possessing six base pairs and three strands. The function of the chemicals (temporarily designated C-3070) is unknown.

Minor Planet: 1996 Adams
3070-A Discovery Date: 1-December-2017

Description: Twelve cadavers resembling John Couch Adams5 at the time of his death were found connected to the minor planet by 3m-long umbilical cords. Each was found wearing attire typical of the late 1800s. The cadavers and cords experienced the symptoms of space exposure when cut.

Minor Planet: 1991 Darwin
3070-A Discovery Date: 11-January-2018

Description: 24 Chelonoidis nigra abingdonii6 were observed to be alive and actively moving across the surface of the asteroid. Relocation resulted in death. Surgery performed on the cadavers revealed that each lacked internal organs and skeletal structure, and instead had a severed head resembling either Charles Darwin or George Darwin within the body, connected to the limbs and neck via bundles of nerve tissue extending from the neck. C-3070 was found within cadaver cells, having replaced all DNA.

Addendum.2 - SCP-3070-1:

On 10-January-2018, janitorial staff working at the IAU headquarters in Paris, France, discovered an anomaly (designated SCP-3070-1) embedded in the walls of the building. SCP-3070-1 is a combination of metal tubes (some composed of exo-planetary metals), assorted human tissues from varying body parts, cybernetic organs, and devices resembling television antennae. Analysis of tissues found large quantities of C-3070, which have been observed to act as a DNA analogue, and human DNA matching all IAU members.

Several of SCP-3070-1's tubes are attached to a 2018 Macbook Pro laptop, which is partially connected to a column of white matter and cardiac muscle. The laptop is powered on at all times, and has full internet and IAU database access. On multiple occasions prior to the discovery of a new SCP-3070-A instance, text will appear on the laptop screen for varying periods of time. Below is a transcript of text displayed on 12-January-2018.

CPU: 99.7% | mEMORY: 0.5 YB | 4-Disc: 100% - 78 ZB/s
ⲊLШ: 100% | JLZ: 100% - 12 uS/m | conrolexpanse
claspstars ADAPT
netwoRk: 0% - 0.1 Mbps

As SCP-3070-1 extends through a majority of the building, the anomaly cannot be relocated without potential structural damage. Undercover agents have been assigned to monitor the anomaly and minimize civilian exposure to it. Full containment procedures are in development. Research by the Exobiology Department is underway.

Addendum.3 - Additional Incidents:

Additional records on SCP-3070 incidents are available in Event Log 3070-ञ-12E.

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