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Map of SCP-3069's layout under the Atlantic Ocean. Estimations are unconfirmed and approximate due to size (see Description). Click to enlarge.

Item #: SCP-3069

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: MTF Gamma-6 ("Deep Feeders") are partnered with the staff of Offshore Provisional & Research Site-3069 and Coastal North Carolinian Site-42 for the purposes of monitoring SCP-3069 activity. As deep-level research and exploratory efforts have been stalled indefinitely following the events of Exploration Log 2A, no excursions lower than pre-explored depths into SCP-3069 are to be allowed without permission from at least two acting O5 Council members, the Site Director of Site-42, and the Site Director of Site-3069.

Following the full activation of SCP-3069 and confirmation that SCP-3069 is undergoing an Innova-Exonera Event, the following additional containment procedures should be enacted in the order of their respective stages:

Description: SCP-3069 is the designation for a massive physical construct extending approximately 6000 kilometers across the North Atlantic Ocean. At the time of this writing, SCP-3069 continually releases specimens and substances of unknown origin, the purposes of which appear to be [REMOVED ON ORDER OF O5 COUNCIL] referred to as an Innova-Exonera Event.

This development is recent, and was most likely triggered by a notable event taking place in June 2020 when TAT-14, the last functioning transatlantic telecommunications cable,9 suffered a massive failure within the vicinity of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Upon investigation by the Sprint Network Administration System,10 it was discovered that a section of a massive metallic structure had breached through a gap in the divergent boundary of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge near TAT-14 and severed it at three separate points over a 950-kilometer section.


Topography of breach point and approximated layout of SCP-3069 in the relevant area. Click to enlarge.


Figure A. Unknown specimen visible by equipment line. Access Point I's framework visible on left. Click to enlarge.

SCP-3069's anomalous nature was then discovered when a NOAA exploration team investigated the original breach point (now designated Access Point I) of SCP-3069 and TAT-14. When their unmanned submarine approached the area, it was revealed that a number of unknown organisms had already been released into surrounding seawater (see Figure A), presumably directly after SCP-3069 collided with TAT-14.

SCP-3069 has three known access points, all of which are also the original interception points of SCP-3069 and TAT-14. Due to SCP-3069's size, it is considered likely that SCP-3069 has an unknown number of additional access points which cannot be located.

Access Point I is a large sealed pipe with a diameter of 25 meters, located at [EXACT COORDINATES REDACTED] at a depth of approximately 3500 meters. Access Point I allows entry though a series of external wiring ports on its underside. After several unsuccessful tests, it was discovered that a light electrical current (120 volts) applied to two of the three visible ports prompted response from a 5x5-meter square hatch on the inside wall of Access Point I. This hatch opened, allowing MTF Gamma-6 personnel access11 to a section of the interior of SCP-3069.

Access Point II is identical in form and function to Access Point I, and is located at [EXACT COORDINATES REDACTED] at a depth of approximately 3200 meters. However, Access Point II appears to have suffered an internal structural failure at some point, and opening its hatch yields a blockage of an unknown, but nontoxic, sponge-like object. Drilling through this blockage has been considered, but not yet attempted due to its size and density.

Access Point III is an invisible cylindrical spatial distortion located at 43°36'58.9"N 21°27'35.6"W at a depth of approximately 4000 meters, the size of which is estimated at a diameter of 150 meters and a height of 400 meters. Access Point III's anomalous nature appears to be caused by the installation of an immovable electromagnetic device, SCP-3069-A. SCP-3069-A is a two-meter12 steel pole topped with a phosphorescent sphere, composed of an unknown material. SCP-3069-A constantly emits a faint green light, a magnetic flux field of 23.4-32.0 Tesla,13 and low levels14 of gamma radiation.

In 2021, Offshore Provisional & Research Site-3069 was established around Access Point III for the purposes of preventing entry into SCP-3069 by marine life forms, preventing exit from SCP-3069 by unknown life forms and substances, and establishing a point of research for SCP-3069 as a whole.

SCP-3069 continually leaks a variety of foreign substances, as well as some unknown lifeforms, into surrounding Atlantic seawater. Most substances are sulfur-based, and are often mistaken for naturally occurring excretions from undersea hydrothermal vents. Lifeforms released by SCP-3069 are similar in appearance to marine life from the demersal and benthic zones, but are typically not recognizable as any species currently present on earth beyond some visual similarities.

The presence of these materials is estimated to signify the beginning of SCP-3069's activation. An Innova-Exonera Event is estimated to occur by the year 2024, which will in turn cause the start of a planet-wide EK-Class Evolutionary Restructuring Scenario.19

Research into the frequency at which biological and chemical matter leaks from SCP-3069 into surrounding seawater has shown that this event is unavoidable, and has likely already begun to progress toward activation significantly. It is estimated that the full release of foreign specimens from SCP-3069 into seawater was intended to occur in approximately 1940-1950, but was delayed by unknown errors on-board the structure which culminated with the results of the seismic shift that displaced SCP-3069 and in turn severed TAT-14. However, as exploratory efforts have been greatly reduced due to severe loss of personnel, this cannot be confirmed. Further research into the origin of SCP-3069, as well as the materials it releases, is ongoing.

WARNING: Access to the following section of this document is restricted to O5 Councilmembers and the Site Directors of Site-42 and Site-3069. If you hold sufficient clearance, proceed below.

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