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The trail directly above SCP-3065, formerly part of Gibraltar Loop.

Item #: SCP-3065

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The Foundation has quarantined 1.4 km2 of public land around SCP-3065 and is utilizing cover story A-91 ("Wildlife Sanctuary"). Outpost-3065 has been constructed around the quarantine zone, and its perimeter is to be monitored at all times. All personnel must stay at least 50 500 meters away from SCP-3065, except for testing purposes. Seismometers have been deployed above SCP-3065 and are to be inspected monthly; all inspections and repairs must be carried out through remote drones.

Description: SCP-3065 is an inaccessible cave located below a hiking trial in Paul Lake Provincial Park, British Columbia (50.751° N 120.153° W), approximately 250 meters underground. The structure of SCP-3065 is humanoid and shifts in real time to match the shape (at a size ratio of approximately 12:1) and posture of its current living occupant. If no living human is in SCP-3065, a person on the surface may vanish and appear inside the cave. Non-human animals are not affected by SCP-3065.

On 21 May 1997 at 4:02 PM, Foundation seismographs began recording erratic activity from the Paul Lake region. At 5:18 PM, a Foundation AI flagged the seismogram as potentially anomalous and alerted Dr. Hardy at Site-144. Hardy ordered a low-priority investigation, and a geological field team arrived on location at dusk. SCP-3065 had several periods of minimal activity during this time, one of which lasted nearly an hour.

Upon discovering that the seismic activity was highly localized, the field team conducted a seismic reflection survey. This revealed a large void, although the resolution was too low to identify its shape. Because SCP-3065 was dormant at this time, Dr. Hardy authorized the team to drill a 6 cm borehole for visual contact.

Addendum 3065-1: On 11 November 1997, a guard walking approximately 90 meters from SCP-3065 vanished and appeared in the chamber. Seismometers recorded heavy activity during the event; the epicenter moved from SCP-3065's location to directly underneath the guard, then returned to its original location. Minimum safe distance extended to 500 meters.
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