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One of the first known photographs of SCP-3062, dated to the early 20th century.

Item #: SCP-3062

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3062 is currently not containable by any conventional means. Procedures are limited to disinformation and tracking SCP-3062. Surviving victims of SCP-3062 are to be informed that what they experienced were hallucinations caused by dehydration and heat. Should a surviving victim of SCP-3062 refuse to believe this explanation, amnestics are to be administered.

Civilians known to be missing alone in the Sahara are to be located and recovered before SCP-3062 causes major psychological damage or distress. Governments of Algeria, Chad, Egypt, Libya, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Niger, Western Sahara, Sudan and Tunisia, as well as all external recovery forces, are not to be involved in the recovery of missing individuals so as to minimise knowledge of SCP-3062's existence.

Description: SCP-3062 designates an entity residing in the Sahara. SCP-3062 is frequently described as a male, in their early 20s, of Egyptian descent. SCP-3062 is believed to have an understanding of multiple languages, including English, French, Arabic, Hindi and German. The entity possesses an advanced shape-shifting ability, and can change size and appearance almost instantaneously.

SCP-3062 appears to individuals missing or lost in the Sahara. Subjects must be alone for SCP-3062 to target them, and on the ground. Once targeted, SCP-3062 will seemingly "taunt" the lost individual. Behaviours noted are changing into the subject's loved ones, offering fake food and water, and creating hallucinations of rivers, among other similar actions. SCP-3062 will only leave the individual alone once they have left the Sahara, united with another individual, or perished.

SCP-3062 is also believed to possess minor, localised reality-bending abilities. SCP-3062 can change the state of objects.1 SCP-3062 uses these abilities to make the "taunting" more severe. Around 93% of subjects exposed to SCP-3062's actions have been severely psychologically damaged.

Addendum: The following is the recovered diary of James ██████, a pilot in the British Air Force. James ██████'s plane crashed in Northern Chad in 1942 due to an unknown technical error. The diary was written in an engine instruction booklet.

Addendum 2: Following is a summary of the most notable D-Class test. Summary contains notable log extracts.

Addendum 3: An unrelated Foundation excursion into the Egyptian Sahara uncovered a structure believed to be around 3000 years old.


The discovered structure

The structure was ancient Egyptian in origin and appeared to be a site of worship at first. Upon entering the subterranean portion of the structure, personnel discovered the scene of an apparent struggle. A large coffin-like structure lay in the centre, surrounded by mummified corpses, which all displayed unusual scarring - for example, one body possessed a rib cage comprised of lead. The lid of the coffin was found several metres across the room.

At one point on the wall, several lines of hieroglyphics were written. A large portion of these hieroglyphics were illegible. Personnel have translated as much as is apparently possible, and the translation is found below.

Here is buried [ILLEGIBLE] …from the red gate

[ILLEGIBLE] Caused [ILLEGIBLE] and suffering, across the lands

Vanquished [ILLEGIBLE] armies of the righteous

[ILLEGIBLE] cursed to these sands forevermore.

Shortly after discovery, SCP-3062 manifested outside the structure. Personnel were unable to prevent SCP-3062's advance, and the entity turned the structure into sand, destroying it. Several personnel received severe injuries.

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