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Item #: SCP-3061

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Iterations of SCP-3061 are to be stored in high-security storage archives located at Site-81.

Investigation into SCP-3061 iterations existing among the general public and religious groups is underway. Monitoring of references to SCP-3061 throughout online sites has been established by Foundation web crawlers. Any individuals found possessing SCP-3061 are to be apprehended and iterations are to be contained. Release may be granted to regular civilians following amnestic treatment.

Foundation personnel are to follow standard Milton protocols while conversing with SCP-3061-1 during interviews and testing.

Update: Several groups have been identified as possessing iterations of SCP-3061. Details regarding these groups and their location are given in Document 3061-5C. Mobile Task Forces are to be dispatched upon locating such groups.

Description: SCP-3061 refers to a series of rituals used for the summoning of an anomalous entity (SCP-3061-1); commonly referred to as 'Fendsmul' in such materials.

Documentation and information regarding SCP-3061 are extremely scarce; SCP-3061-1 is barely mentioned in historical documentation or religious texts, occasionally being mentioned as an obscure and lesser-known demonic being throughout Irish mythology and minor religions. While research shows SCP-3061 texts to have existed in excessively larger quantities in the past, a majority of SCP-3061 remain lost or will fail to function even when the ritual is performed accordingly. Such cases have been confirmed to be caused by SCP-3061-1 itself.

SCP-3061-1 is described to grant those performing the ritual some form of wealth or abstract power, often in exchange for the soul(s) of their own offspring.

Below is a list of details mentioned in all functioning iterations of SCP-3061.

SCP-3061-1 predominantly appears human in the presence of Foundation personnel, as a humanoid male in its mid-forties, measuring approximately six feet tall. SCP-3061-1 on occasion will manifest baring physical features of various animals; the most common including the legs of a Lepus timidus (Mountain hare) replacing its own and extended fingers resembling that of a Daubentonia madagascariensis (Aye-aye lemur).

SCP-3061-1 speaks with an undifferentiated Irish accent and is coherent in English, as well as a number of other languages.

SCP-3061-1 is capable of creating highly detailed and realistic illusions, which it is able to interact with as if real. SCP-3061-1 cannot manifest such illusions outside the parameters of the ritual circle it is summoned in. SCP-3061-1 describes these illusions to be used for “Presentation purposes” when interacting with those who summon it.

While SCP-3061-1 is generally cooperative and tolerant towards Foundation personnel, it will often display an extremely agitated demeanor. Many interviews with SCP-3061-1 have frequently resulted in ‘venting’ sessions, where SCP-3061-1 will express frustrations towards those who summon it. These feelings often ranging from minor aggravation to genuine disdain.

Discovery log: SCP-3061 was recovered in 14/05/200█, in ███████, Massachusetts, United States. SCP-3061 was located after local Foundation authorities detected nearby anomalous activity within a nearby house. The owner, Paul ████ was found to have obtained a book containing SCP-3061 and had killed several individuals for ritualistic purposes. Investigation showed several close acquaintances of the suspect to have aided him in the killings and had planned to use SCP-3061 for their own personal gain. SCP-3061 was contained and all suspects were taken into Foundation custody.

The following transcript was taken from a video recording filmed within the basement of Paul ████. The suspect later admitted to filming in case a future preference was required for performing SCP-3061 if need be.

SCP-3061-1 initial Interview log: The following interview was performed several days after initial containment of SCP-3061-1.

Addendum 3061-1: On 14/05/20██, during a raid on a minor religious cult known as ███████ █████, several documents of SCP-3061 were found. It is thought that the group had planned to use the documents to summon SCP-3061-1. Investigation showed that the group had successfully gathered the required components needed for the ritual and had attempted to perform it, which upon doing so failed to summon SCP-3061-1. The group was taken into Foundation custody and all copies of SCP-3061 were retrieved and contained. Following the incident, SCP-3061-1 was summoned using SCP-3061, for answers regarding the group.

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