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Item #: SCP-3058

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3058 is to be kept in a Standard Containment Locker at Site-73. Testing must take place in a chamber no larger than 30 m3. Test personnel must be subjected to psychological analysis before being allowed access to SCP-3058. Subjects suffering from schizophrenia, body dysmorphia, or borderline personality disorder should not be considered for testing. The host of an SCP-3058-A instance is not to be allowed to expire under any circumstances.

Description: SCP-3058 is a small jar of black ink. The chemical composition of SCP-3058 is 86% water, 10% carbon, 3% avian genetic material, and 1% [REDACTED]. Despite being composed mostly of water, SCP-3058 absorbs 99.8% of incident light. When a human being uses SCP-3058 to produce marks on a surface, an incorporeal humanoid figure (SCP-3058-A) will appear 5 meters directly behind them. SCP-3058-A will always remain in the same position with respect to the subject’s center of mass. The subject will betray no awareness of SCP-3058-A until notified, or until accidentally catching sight of it.

The appearance of SCP-3058-A will vary in accordance to the self-conception of the subject. No two subjects produce identical instances of SCP-3058-A, and the same subject may produce vastly different instances in the span of a few hours. SCP-3058-A instances may change shape or size while being observed, but must always remain entirely within direct visual contact with the subject, limiting the size of the instance to the edges of the testing chamber. SCP-3058-A will disappear exactly 10 minutes after the subject stops using SCP-3058. Furthermore, if SCP-3058 is used to communicate a coherent concept, subjects will experience vivid lucid dreams following the usage of SCP-3058. Subjects report the ability to exert full control over the narrative, setting, and characters within the dream.

SCP-3058-A instances are incorporeal and therefore unable to physically injure or damage Foundation personnel or property. Testing has also failed to reveal any anomalous psychological effects from SCP-3058-A. However, awareness of SCP-3058-A may cause unusual behavior in test subjects. Most commonly, this behavior involves revulsion to the instance and strong feelings of self-loathing. In extreme cases, this may result in self-harm or suicide. It is unknown whether this effect is anomalous, or a natural reaction.

Addendum 3058-1: Recovery

SCP-3058 was found in a novelty shop in Marion, North Carolina, after numerous reports of insanity in the staff and customers. After seizing all shop assets under the guise of criminal investigation, it was determined that the only items of anomalous nature were SCP-3058 and SCP-3025. SCP-3058 was moved subsequently moved to Site-73 and contained. A connection to SCP-3066 is suspected, but unconfirmed.

Addendum 3058-2: Test Video Logs

All tests took place in a cleared test chamber with a desk, fountain pen, and paper. Tests are supervised via video camera and speaker.

Test #: 1

Subject: D-619241, incarcerated for several counts of homicide and extortion

Test #: 2

Subject: D-591032, incarcerated for second-degree murder

Test #: 3

Subject: D-436190, incarcerated for political crimes, no known psychological issues.

Test #: 4

Subject: D-436192, incarcerated for political crimes, a known schizophrenic.

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