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Item #: SCP-3057

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: A small quantity of SCP-3057-1 is contained on-site. Members of MTF Epsilon-6 ("Oil Slickers") are to operate as first-responders in the event of a major oil spill, destroying all organisms produced via SCP-3057.

Description: SCP-3057 is an anomalous phenomenon by which crude oil spontaneously transforms into instances of prehistoric species (SCP-3057-1 and onward).

SCP-3057-11 was first observed in the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon explosion2 in 2010. PoI-8A052 (an ex-employee of the Manna Charitable Foundation) deployed SCP-3057 in an attempt to reverse environmental damage caused by the disaster. It was only through extensive Foundation efforts that SCP-3057-1's spread was limited to a radius of 0.25 kilometers from the initial point of contamination. Since 2010, 4 more instances of SCP-3057 have been observed around the world. Whether this is a result of the initial contamination remains unknown.

The Manna Charitable Foundation has disavowed all knowledge of SCP-3057, and claims PoI-8A052's employment was terminated several weeks before the Deepwater Horizon incident. An ongoing investigation is underway to determine whether or not this is true.

It is suspected, but not confirmed, that SCP-2113 is the result of SCP-3057.

Addendum 3057.1: Attachments

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