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The stage of the now-defunct █████ Theater.

Item #: SCP-3055

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3055 is to be kept in a 10x10m containment cell at Site-██, furnished with at least seven eight folding chairs as well as appropriate beds and restroom facilities. This cell is to be stocked with food and water rations, maintained by containment staff. Staff should monitor SCP-3055 to ensure that it is properly fed and hydrated.

If SCP-3055 becomes hostile, SCP-3055-1 through -7 -8 are to be tranquilized. At least two of SCP-3055-1 through -7 -8 will be unaffected by this action; this is to be expected, and the remaining members of SCP-3055 are to be placated as appropriate, with food, water, medicine, etc.

Updated Containment Procedures ██/██/2017: In order to prevent future Suggestion Events (see Incident Log 3055-a) a list of scene suggestions is to be frequently updated and kept on-site so that it can be accessed on short notice. At least two guards are to be stationed inside the containment chamber to provide suggestions whenever one is requested.

Description: SCP-3055 is the collective designation for eight humans, dubbed SCP-3055-1 through -8. Of the eight, seven were formerly the members of Dan's Institute of Improvised Thespianry, an acting troupe specializing in improvisational comedy (improv), based out of the now-defunct █████ Theater in New York City. SCP-3055-8 became a part of SCP-3055 after initial containment (see Incident Log 3055-a).

Starting at some time in early 2016, it has been impossible for any member of SCP-3055 to enter or exit a building without being accompanied by the other seven individuals. Attempts to cause this to happen, both by SCP-3055 and others, have resulted in an unseen force blocking the door of the building in question.

SCP-3055 is also unable to stop its ongoing set of scenes. Even when the group is moving, the scene continues while it is walking; dialogue has not been observed to cease for longer than two seconds. Efforts to force SCP-3055 to stop its scene have so far been unsuccessful.

All of SCP-3055-1 through -8 are either unable or unwilling to speak or communicate in any way besides the dialogue in the scene. This has largely impeded Foundation efforts to determine the origin of their condition, or potential treatments for it.

Despite being in a constant state of improvisation, SCP-3055-1 through -8 still have the same basic physical needs as non-anomalous humans, such as eating, drinking, sleeping, and excreting waste. While in containment, they have developed a system of shifts, in which two or three of the actors carry on the scene while the others fulfill these needs. Those on the 'inactive' shift are still unable to independently enter or leave buildings, and generally do not divert their attention from the scene while they are awake.

Periodically, SCP-3055 asks for scene suggestions. It will typically accept the first word or phrase spoken after these requests, regardless of its semantic content. If no suggestion is given, other anomalous properties manifest; for an account of these, see Incident Log 3055-a.

It has been observed that members of SCP-3055 can expire and be anomalously reanimated shortly afterwards. It is believed that the members of SCP-3055 are still driven by human instinct to some degree, and take care of their physical needs in order to avoid discomfort, rather than needing to fulfill these needs to survive. Prior to containment, the original seven members of SCP-3055 resorted to increasingly desperate means to fulfill these physical needs, gaining significant notoriety in New York City as violent thieves.

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